Monday, April 14, 2014

An Historic Event
Resistance for beleaguered Cliven Bundy pays off––for now.


  1. Well we'll see.

    Seems like a hollow victory. A welfare queen won't pay his grazing fees because he says the land belongs to the Mormons. Pure sophistry and chaos.

    And another good reason not to eat beef.

  2. The rural West is a foreign country full of dangerous foreigners with dangerous ideas to effete east coast metrosexuals

  3. "A welfare queen won't pay his grazing fees because he says the land belongs to the Mormons."

    Really. I think the Paiute-Shoshone, Quoeech, Washoe, Goshute, among others would strongly disagree with Bundy.

    That's the sort of wishful thinking the privileged white European believed: That they were within their rights to steal land from Native Americans because their God told them it was their manifest destiny to take whatever they wanted.

    Talk about superiority complex.

  4. I'm frankly amazed that privileged European white male would think that that they indeed have a Superiority Complex coupled with deep-seated feelings of inferiority and rampant paranoia that allowed them to take land away from Native Americans and enslave men, women and children of African descent. Where were their morals?

    Quite a Cocktail! And oh how WE have been made to suffer for it!

    The superiority complex of the European white male. Yes, we have all been made to suffer for it.

  5. FT,
    You might be interested in watching this video (on topic).


  6. Thank you, AOW. I had seen that video in the news a couple of nights ago.

    It never ceases to amuse and fascinate me to see the way leftists, who -- ever so wrongly -- consider themselves morally and intellectually superior to the rest of us poor mortals, fail to consider present reality, and instead would have us go back in time and either "rewrite," "correct," or "atone" for history -- the history from which they, themselves, have benefitted so enormously, yet for which they feel not the slightest impulse to be grateful.

    In the Leftist Mind -- if such a thing could be said to exist -- all the Agony, the Dread, the constant Risk to life and limb, the incredible Bravery, the heavy Mortality, and vast amounts of unimaginably hard, Back-Breaking Labor it took for the explorers and early settlers to colonize and plant the blessings of Western Civilization -- and later the marvel that was The United States of America -- on this continent are as nought compared to the injustices visited upon the Indians and the African Negroes -- and later "The Workers" -- after the advent of the Industrial Revolution.

    I wonder if it ever occurs to these sneering, carping, perennially belligerent, wholly negative, hypercritical, wantonly destructive bitches and bastards that if the Jews have "a legitimate historic claim" on the Arab land that became modern-day Israel after it was forcibly wrested from the Palestinians by a fictitious entity called "The Word Community," that by the same logic the USA should be be ceded back to the Indians -- and the descendants of former slaves should be given at least a third of our current NAV?

    I suppose, if they believed in God, these short-sighted, meddlesome troublemakers would have us go back to Eden, and start the whole God-damned process all over again?

    My contempt for the thinking of leftists knows no bounds.

  7. FreeThinke, with all due respect, why is it that those with different views from your own, or ultra right conservatives in general, are considered meddlesome, and troublesome? Is any challenge to doctrinaire conservatism to simply be dismissed as such? If so it seems it places conservatisim in the same boat as doctrinaire progressivism.

    Or am I missing something?

  8. The day you start contributing something definite and positive to this blog, instead of carping and asking stupid questions will be the day you and I might start to become friendly once again, Les.

    Try to see yourself as others see you. I guarantee you'll be highly motivated to reform -- PRONTO!

    HINT: You remind me of an old-fashioned household RADIO.

    How is that, you might ask?

    You BROADCAST all the time, but never RECEIVE -- at least not any of the many fine and wonderful things I continue to offer here and elsewhere.

  9. Well FreeThinke, I appreciate your honesty. While do not see what you find so offensive with my comment It is without question I stirred something within you.

    I can assure you FreeThinke that I will not kiss your as* to gain your "friendly approval" any more than I will kiss anyone else's as* to gain their approval.

    You see FreeThinke it is not neccessary for me to gain your "friendly approval."

    If it is affirmation you crave you seem to have that judging by your many commenters that are in the fold.

    When you find it in you to reasonably respond to my prior comment with something of substance I shall respond thoughtfully and respectfully.

    PS: I shall not say what you remind me of.



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