Monday, September 30, 2013

Passing by her mirror 
this woman felt compelled to ask:

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Who is the vilest of us all?
The mirror sighed, and then replied,
"Because I cannot impart lies,
The face you see now qualifies."



  1. Ahh... Mr FreeThinke,

    I enjoy your continuing love affair with Her Thighness...

    Thanks for the Monday morning pick-me-up.

    It was better than a hot cup of coffee.

    Happy Monday!

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  4. Late Breaking News!

    CNN canceling planned documentary of the life of Hillary Clinton. Source - "No one was interested in helping me make this movie."

    Can't say that I'm not laughing my Ass of, whoopee

  5. Sorry, Gunslinger, I don't necessarily disagree with much of what you tried to post, but such remarks come under the heading of BOILERPLATE -- i.e. set speeches prepared in advance to use on many different blogs. BOILERPLATE does not constitute an honest response to the blog post -- no matter how trivial or profound that post may be.

    We want CONVERSATION here. Please talk WITH us and nit AT us, and you'll be welcome.

    Thanks for your future cooperation.

  6. Registered ConservativeSeptember 30, 2013 at 10:43 AM

    I agree with Gunslinger, I thought it's hilarious. No one, Democrat or Republican, will do an interview about Clinton. Sounds like she's got everyone so scared they won't dare cross her. No one wants to end up like Vince Foster.

    Good Gawd, who the hell needs to hear about the life of Hilbat anyway??

  7. What qualifies Hillary Clinton to be president? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

    If she can't manage a marriage - How the hell can she manage a country?
    Do not list the usual basic requirements of the constitution...we know those. Do not list her duty titles...we know those. Tell us the decisions she has made, the bills she offered, the legislation she sponsored, her best ideas, critical foreign policy initiatives she successfully managed. I'm excited to learn.

    She is being hailed as the "most effective Secretary of State in history" by Obama of course ... But name ONE thing she accomplished, JUST ONE.

    Oooops....She DID contribute to getting FOUR MEN killed in Benghazi......OK...Name TWO!!

    Let’s see if we can find any LIES by Her Thighness.

    Hillary Clinton lied aboutBenghazi and blamed the irrelevant video for the death of 4 Americans, Rice lied, Barack Obama lied, Jay Carney lied, the Obama administration lied. The men in Libya were left to die as military forces were told to stand down.

    She DID say that Chelsea was jogging around the Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001. (She was in bed watching it on TV.) Didn’t she!

    She DID say that she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary. (She admitted she was wrong. He climbed Mt. Everest five years after her birth.) Didn’t she!

    She DID say that she was under sniper fire in Bosnia. (when a girl presented her with flowers at the foot of the ramp way out of range from gun fire.) Didn’t she!

    She DID say that she didn't know about the FALN pardons. Didn’t she!

    She DID say that Taking the White House gifts home was a clerical error.. Didn’t she!

    She DID say that She didn't know that her staff would fire the travel office staff after she told them to do so.. Didn’t she!
    With a record like that anyone that wants her to be their President has to have rocks in their head!

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  9. That's right, George, I am INDEED, dictatorial, and so you too got deleted.

    I don't want anyone here who is unwilling to play the game according to my rules.

    I believe it's better to be alone than in poor company.

    When visiting here either prepare to be relevant or stay away.

    Anyone who wants to tell others how to run their blogs ought to get a blog of his own, so he can upbraid and delete those he doesn't want there at will.

    Great minds generate IDEAS.

    Fine minds discuss the merits of those ideas.

    Good minds deal mostly with facts and figures.

    Small minds indulge in backbiting and petty gossip.

  10. FT, why not Michele Bachmann or the fantastic Virginia Foxx?

  11. Those women ar are no threat to us, Ducky. Her Heinous most certainly is.

    "Whenever a man has cast a longing eye upon them [public offices] a rottenness begins in his conduct."

    ~ Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)

    In this case it is a woman casting her eye longingly.

    We have scrapped the now-quaint notion of "SERVICE" and exchanged it for POWER, CONTROL and CELEBRITY.

  12. __ A Paean to the Goddess of Peons __
    ______ (Who Ain't No Peony) _____

    Hail Hillary, head full of space,
    Ever lacking in charm and grace.

    Hillary, dear, how your red eye gleams
    Inspiring infants to have bad dreams,

    And adults to suffer much churning of guts
    And fears like the death of a thousand cuts

    Hillary! Hillary, full of disgrace
    Your surgically altered, still hideous face

    Inspires much loathing, disgust and dismay
    As does the sound of your Midwestern bray.

    Cursed art thou, and curs'd be the Brute
    Who married you once then produced ugly fruit

    As Queen of all that is anti-erotic,
    You favor, instead, what is cruel and despotic.

    Hillary, Goddess of Ethos Collective,
    I hate you so much, I've run out of invective!

    ~ Unhoo §;-o

  13. I will take that as humorous caricature, but note the it trends slightly towards the hyperbole the
    author decries elsewhere:
    "All this name-calling and these pious orgies of spiteful, self-indulgent, frankly childish rhetoric do no good whatsoever."

  14. True enough, BB, but I see you have good intelligence and enough of a sense of humor to know you're when your ribs are being tickled and when to take something at face value.

    FYI: I've erased several BOILERPLATE posts purporting to support the "conserative" position, because they made no attempt to respond specifically to anything presented here. It doesn't matter to me in the least whether these invariably verbose statements prepared to be spammed all over the blogosphere are on "my" side or not.

    The tactic is obnoxious no matter who uses it.

    If we lose our sense of humor, we also lose perspective. The next thing to go would be Civilization, itself.

  15. .
    My random rant
    America is the heart of the world.

    Everyone looks to US, to step in with either money, medical aid, food, military aid.

    We protect you all and we are the most generous country.

    We are not trying to change anyone, everyone else is trying to change US.

    Every country wants us to adapt their failed policies socially and economically.

    The middle east wants us to change to their religion.

    America is the greatest most powerful, generous, country and the rest of the world looks to US.

    We've given nearly a billion dollars to Syria for food and aid knowing full well that this is a corrupt situation. The people never saw any money or food or aid.

    Instead the got sarin gas.

    President Barack Obama’s announcement of an additional $195 million in humanitarian and food aid to Syrian rebels came a day after Al Qaeda-linked forces led those same rebels in an offensive that landed them control over a strategic military airport.

    The aid package is the latest gesture of support from the U.S.—which has sent more than $1 billion in humanitarian aid since the two-year Syrian civil war started—we have been fighting evil, double crossing snake forces that are also know as Muslims since the days following 9/11.
    Why? Because it saves them billions in taxes and they could spend a fraction of that ensuring that those in power were replaced. Not to mention they spread a little “love” among the top brass, how else did Pelosi and Reid become super wealthy as “public servants”?

  16. "If we lose our sense of humor, we also lose perspective" Absolutely.
    I recall back in the 40-50s a somber Judge in our hometown whose wife was named Mary, as was his daughter. When a teen suitor would call and ask for Mary, he would intone, "You want the Mother Mary or the Virgin Mary?"

  17. Registered ConservativeSeptember 30, 2013 at 7:21 PM

    Hillary Clinton like most Liberal Politicians is a cold, calculating woman with a sense of entitlement.

    Most Liberal Politicians are immoral, nasty tempered, habitual liars, and who accuses Republicans of racism only because of the fact that they are Republicans. People like Hillary love to get people hooked on welfare and food stamps as a core part of their election strategy. A very clear list of reasons to dislike "Liberalism", "Progressivism" or the underlying theology, Marxism. I find it difficult to hate people, however it’s easy to hate Hillary Clinton. And I love to provoke comments. (:->)

  18. That's a great anecdote, BB. Thanks!

  19. Susan, you stated very succinctly what we love to believe about ourselves. Liberals, and apparently much of the world beyond these shores, feel differently. I have always felt and believed as you do, but I realize there MUST be another side to the story which w should at least examine with honest curiosity.

    It's not enough to say "They hate us because they envy us," or "They hate us, because we're so rich," or "They hate us because their religion teaches them to hate Christianity."

    I agree that we've been exceedingly generous and helpful, and that we are a basically kind, good-hearted people, but I have ALSO come to believe we've done a great deal of meddling in the internal affairs of other nations in ways that do not reflect well on us.

    As individual Christians we are called upon to reflect daily on our sins and our faults, ask God for forgiveness and strive earnestly to do better. Nations are not people, but they too need to come to terms with reality and try to be better rather than merely strive for dominance.

    I do dislike Mrs. Clinton -- it's a visceral thing. She has "bad eyes." A very HARD person driven by personal ambition is what I see whenever she speaks in public -- on or off the cuff. I wish, however, that since she appears to be a permanent fixture on the political scene, whether you and I like it or not, that I could find a way to understand precisely what she has actually DONE for our country other than survive scandal after scandal all the wile jockeying herself into positions of greater and greater power and influence. What has she ACCOMPLISHED?

    I don't know. I can't see it whatever it might be, but I'd be happy to LEARN if someone could inform me.

    For the time being, however, whenever I look at her, I feel "there's no THERE there," to borrow a famous quotation from Gertrude Stein, and that is why I persist in holding her up to ridicule.

  20. Registered Conservative,

    As I just said, I don't like her either, but your grotesque caricature does little advance the conservative cause if that's what you had in mind.

    NO ONE -- not even Hitler and Stalin -- is THAT one-dimensional. Human beings -- even the worst of us -- are multi-faceted, highly complex creatures. I think we'd be better off if we at least tried to understand the other person's point of view.

    Chauvinism is irrational -- even when it appears to support the "right" side.

  21. There are many things to say about Hillary Clinton but I think that I’ll limit them at this time. Suffice it to say that it will be good, very good, to save what I have to say until she actually runs, if she does run. Things like Vince Forster, Benghazi, Dolly Kyle Browning, Paula Jones, Jennifer Flowers, and Kathleen Willey; impeachment for perjurious, false and misleading testimony to a grand jury; contempt of court findings; the promiscuous smearing of those whom they viewed as threat to their power; the charges of a “vast right-wing conspiracy” and assurances that “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”; and so much more. But lets leave it at that for the moment.

  22. That was GENIFFER Flowers, by the way.

    Nothing connected to the Cllntons is normal, straightforward or desirable.

  23. Pardon me but WTF is a Capt. Frog?



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