Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tiptoe Through the Poo Poo
 Dedicated to Our Darling Tribe of Trolls

Tiptoe through the poo poo
At the websites in the blogosphere, then
Tiptoe thought through the poo poo, and see
Me try to tiptoe ‘round the witless.
Join me quickly; do it gin-ger-ly,
And tiptoe through the poo poo with me.

Knee deep in doo doo we’ll sink
Sniffing the ungodly stink,

And when I slip slide through the poo poo
And you do too
Will you pardon me
And sit down in the poo poo with me?

And when we step out of the poo poo
at the website
Will you come with me,
And wash off all the poo poo with me?

~ Anne Animus

Heh heh heh! We're gonna gitcha!


  1. Well, this post should draw them in -- like flies.

    Any post, of course, is enough space on which these flies lay their eggs, which soon hatch into maggots.

  2. We shall see, AOW. Interestingly enough NO ONE bit on the bait I dangled at Ms Shaw's blog yesterday. I'd like to think that MAY be a sign of progress, BUT ...

    The chips often fall in unpredictable patterns -- even to the point of defying the laws of Physics -- at least on THIS side of the Looking Glass.

    Someone should write "Alice in Cyberland" and "Through the Monitor," but Alas! there are no Lewis Carroll's around these days, are there?

    No one seems to have time -- or patience -- for the enjoyment and appreciation of fantasy, romance, in-depth character studies, biting wit and satire, colorful biographies of distinguished individuals, or to take pleasure in eloquently descriptive stylish prose anymore.

    Thanks to Technology we have moved toward expressing ourselves in "TELEGRAMATIC" PHRASEOLOGY.

    A great loss to Civilization! And one of many cases where The Mindless March of "Progress" has been busily causing SOCIAL, INTELLECTUAL, MORAL and SPIRITUAL REGRESSION.

  3. Originally, I was going to write about Michelle Obama's "Set Up" heckler. But after reading this blog post, it's a good opportunity to discuss the of the angry,unhinged liberals that have been occupying the blogs all over the blogisphere and the way that they have all but taken over this blog to mention one of many.

    Seriously… let me ask the most obvious question, why do they come here? Sadly, this just makes me shake my head and think what has happened to this country in the past 5 years? How did we sink so low so quickly? And the only answer I can think of is Barack Hussein Obama and his First Lady Moochshell the Vacationer Obama.
    This is absolutely disgusting and pathetic. These people have no class what so ever.
    I have even read a Progressive sire where the author called Republicans “closed minded” I guess that Liberals define being "open-minded" as agreeing with them! Well what could be more close-minded than that?
    These Liberals have the presumption that only white Republicans can be racist. Let me remind them of a certain Obama Minister named Jeremiah Wright who made it very clear that he hates white people, and that he hates Jewish people! And lets not forget his “God Damn America” sermon. How can anybody ever forgive that?

  4. FreeThinke said...
    "We shall see, AOW. Interestingly enough NO ONE bit on the bait I dangled at Ms Shaw's blog yesterday. I'd like to think that MAY be a sign of progress."

    FY, after the week long Hate Week, Ms. Shaw should have learned the lesson that she better NOT start her Hateful anti Republican crapola around here any longer. Or mess with Ms. AOW any longer.

  5. I have found that the biggest difference between liberals, and republicans. Is that liberals make up their own facts, which are really unsupported by any real facts. All of them refuse to listen to any real truth. None of them will even attempt to discover the real facts for themselves, or if presented with them, will promptly discredit the author of them, but they rely on slanders, lies and character assassination to discredit them.. But when it is clear that their lies have been exposed, they come up with their own fact checking liberal sources like,, and are of these are part of the Liberal Media all of these are propaganda from progressives and socialists. Those sites aren't just biased, they are completely bigoted. They are the holy grail of the progressive fact checkers
    They are all moral-less nitwits

  6. patrioticgalwithphdJune 6, 2013 at 8:06 AM

    Liberals, progressives, socialists, only believe in "tolerance" when you agree with their point of view.

    Kind of like the current occupant of the White House thinks he can pick and choose which laws he has to enforce. Bottom line is that all this garbage sells to the rationally ignorant public thats been made cynical by socialism!

  7. Very funny, Mr. Free Thinke, but I'm guessing most of the trolls who visit here to cut and paste their boiler plate grievances (ahem) won't see themselves in your verse.

    Self-awareness is not a quality one finds in trolls. They're too busy bashing and gnashing.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. LOL, very funny "Ms. Shaw". But that crap won't fly.

  9. Also, Mr. Free Thinke, some of your trolls haven't any reading comprehension abilities, so even your humorous verse will be lost on them.

  10. One has to wonder why with ALL the liberal bloggers, the ONLY one the people seem to HATE is Shaw!

  11. Well, Ms Shaw, at least one or two got a chuckle out of it.

    I try to proceed on the assumption that it's better to laugh than cry -- tempting though the latter may be at times.

    To the last anonymous "contributor" (AHEM!) the obvious answer to that is "because I happen to like her."

    As a Libertarian much more than I am a Republican, I would certainly betray my own values if I let other people -- especially sour-mouthed, wild-eyed strangers -- choose my friends for me.

    People of a truly independent mind rarely-if-ever travel in packs -- and never-- EVER -- even feel tempted to join MOBS.

  12. No trolls here, FT. I'm continuing listening to Brahms and really don't understand why I had dismissed him.

    Downloaded the two clarinet sonatas because I generally enjoy clarinet and I'd welcome your opinion.
    To me there is a pronounced melancholy in the 1st. Is that typical of Brahms?

    Must say I'm enjoying him.

  13. AHA! Very good! Two examples I should have given you the other day, Ducky! I've played the second Sonata in F-Minor ages ago in my school days.

    Like the violin and piano sonatas of Beethoven it's a magnificent piano piece with a soaring instrumental obbligato.

    These two sonatas are often performed with the VIOLA playing the instrumental part instead of the clarinet. I know Brahms approved, but I do prefer the clarinet, which was after all his first choice. If the music, itself, really grabs you, it's very interesting to hear the sonatas both ways.

    "Serious," "deep," "earnest," "seeking," "tragic," "determined," "rich," "complex" and "serene" are better adjectives to apply to Brahms generally than "brooding," although you are hardly the first to accuse him of that. I have to admit he's rarely "exultant," but we often see a pattern of Majestic Triumph emerging from great Inner Conflict and Turmoil in his larger works.

    He was one of the greatest originators in the advance and development of piano technique, but unlike Chopin and Liszt before him his incredible brilliance is never "showy."

    His piano music, especially the large scale works, is extraordinarily demanding on the player. It's rarely "pianistic," in its boldly original, often bulky figurations. One must be a true artist to play Brahms convincingly. Virtuosity alone won't begin to convey his spirit to an audience.

    Like Beethoven before him Brahms' music is that rare and wonderful phenomenon -- something utterly masculine that manages to exhibit Herculean strength, athletic endurance, extraordinary courage and vitality enmeshed in empathy, understanding, compassion and tenderest affection.

    Quite a guy, Brahms! I'm glad you are beginning to discover him.

  14. "Like Beethoven before him Brahms' music is that rare and wonderful phenomenon -- something utterly masculine that manages to exhibit Herculean strength, athletic endurance, extraordinary courage and vitality enmeshed in empathy, understanding, compassion and tenderest affection."

    Wow! Too bad you weren't around to write liner notes on his compositions! Great!

    I've always been interested in his relationship with the Shumanns. After Robert died, he had his chance with Clara (a composer in her own right), whom he apparently had a deep affection for, but, alas, never married her. I've always wondered why.

    Clara Schumann was portrayed onscreen by Katharine Hepburn (not Heartburn) in the 1947 film Song of Love, in which Paul Henreid played Robert Schumann and Robert Walker starred as a young Johannes Brahms.

    Johannes Brahms, BTW, was an exceptionally handsome young man, in addition to his virtuosity at the piano and in composing.

    Another tidbit about him: He was forced by his father to play the piano at a brothel near his home in order to earn money for the family. An experience that affected him for the rest of his life.

  15. someone that HATES ProgresivismJune 7, 2013 at 7:27 AM

    “Imagine there’s no heaven
    it’s easy if you try
    No hell below us
    above us only sky.

    Imagine all the people
    Living for today
    Imagine there’s no country
    It isn’t hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion too
    Imagine all the people
    Living life in peace…

    Open borders. No ownership—no property. Don’t fight back—give it to him. You’ll have nothing, but at least you’ll have “peace”

    “You may say I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope someday you’ll join us
    And the world will be as one.

    Imagine no possessions
    I wonder if you can
    No need for greed or hunger
    A brotherhood of man
    Imagine all the people
    Sharing all the world…”

    This is exactly what Hitler, Mussolini, Mao, Chi and all your heroes have said over the years, telling their followers, “join us and we’ll be as one.

    THIS is what liberalism, progressism, communism and socialism is really all about.

  16. John Lennon's "Imagine" really is the national anthem of Progressivism, the worshippers of tyranny everywhere: the fascists, socialists and communists.

    These worshippers of tyranny don't only tip toe through the doo-doo, they revel in wallowing in it, swallowing it and then puking it out again and again for all to consume through their "news" networks, especially MSNBC.

  17. Waylon,
    John Lennon's "Imagine" really is the national anthem of Progressivism...

    I agree.

    Do you recall the spoof of "Imagine" in the film Forrest Gump? Priceless, IMO!

  18. AOW, I saw the movie years ago. I'm not a big fan of Tom Hanks even though the movie was cute in some ways. I'll have to check that out on YouTube.

  19. Waylon,
    I love the film Forrest Gump. Quite a satire!

  20. All I'll say right now is that John Lennon a LOT closer to poo poo than Brahms.

    No matter what we try to do to elevate the tone, as it were, the conversation always seems to revert to poo poo.

    Mark Steyn did a fabulous piece several years ago debunking "Imagine." If I remember correctly, it was on or near the celebration of Independence Day. Steyn quoted extensively from "Imagine" and called it the perfect anthem for an occasion he wrly called DEPENDENCE Day.

    I see the vapid little thing as Ode on Pusillanimity, myself.



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