Monday, June 3, 2013

Our Dear Leader's Modus Operandi


  1. Remember Hogan's Heroes?

    ...Schultz was aware the prisoners were carrying out mischief, but deliberately ignored it to maintain the status quo. He would just state, "I know nothing","I hear nothing" or "I see nothing", and sometimes say all three.

  2. This targeting of conservatives by the IRS is a crime and this administration can probably be traced back to Obamás unprecedented attack on the U.S. Supreme Court during his State of the Union speech and his outright lies and misrepresentations of that case to the American public. That was followed by his appointment of his choice of IRS commissioners, taken from the tax exempt organizations section of the IRS, a clear signal that he wanted to target these groups. Obama is not "in the dark" on this. He was "leading from behind." The plan that Obama and his left wing henchmen have for America shouldn’t have any doubts about how crooked Obama is along with his whole administration by now. Ths administration is a cesspool and Obama is the Crook in Chief this is all his responsibility as it was the responsibility of the presidents before his as the Liberals remind us on a daily basis.
    As for Eric Holder, lying to Congress (Perjury) is a felony, lets be crystal clear about that. We’ve seen people like Martha Steward go to jail for exactly that reason. At this point, the question is, what are we going to do about it? Eric Holder needs to be thrown out and put in handcuffs. And the Pharaoh-in-Chief should be thrown out next! Obstruction of Justice, Aiding and Abetting in a crime, Conspiracy is a crime.
    My guess is that this will also get swept under the rug.

  3. For a successful Presidency, Perception is the means, Protection is the end.
    After all, isn't the protection of our nation the reason for choosing one candidate over another? We judge their vision, usually based on their resume, their experience, if they have any in an executive capacity. Or, if none of the above, the vision that he communicates to the rest of us.
    If there is another basis for the is usually a mistake.

    And we learned to do this....early on. After all, didn't Chris Rock explain to us that the President is, like, our father, or “the boss.”
    Heck... what kind of father is unable to protect his wife and children?
    And a boss cannot husband his business costs us our job. "The president and the first lady are kind of like the Mom and the Dad of the country," ...
    What does “perception” mean or entail?
    It means an awareness of the elements of environment; it means being quick, acute, and intuitive; a capacity for comprehension.
    But isn't that a description of each and every one of us, to a greater or lesser degree? Well....then why not pick a name out of a hat and be done with the election?
    In fact, William Buckley, Jr. had pretty much that idea: “I would rather be governed by the first 2000 people in the Manhattan phone book than the entire faculty of Harvard.”

    What it comes down to, is that we expect our President, carefully chosen, to have the perception to see what is the most advantageous set of actions and courses, to protect our nation from danger, and to steer a course toward success. True?
    Perception is the means, Protection is the end.
    And woe betide the king who didn't do his job. about the “Dad” we chose...and put in charge of our house....the White House?
    Did he convince you that he had the perception, the correct vision necessary to fix the economy? After all, he said “if I don’t have this done in three years, then there’s going to be a one-term proposition.” Fact Check ? Obama and the ?One-Term Proposition? - ABC News welfare "getting it done"? Food stamps and government doles instead of employment?
    "The civilian labor force declined by 496,000 over the month, and the labor force participation rate decreased by 0.2 percentage point to 63.3 percent." Employment Situation News Release
    And who would say that “Dad” made the world a better place based on how he's handled the Middle East? Threw out leaders who kept things stable, and favored America, and supported rebels who favor radical Islam in Libya, Egypt, Iran, and now, even in Iraq.
    "Al Qaeda in Iraq and Syrian rebel group Jabhat al-Nusra make it official." Al Qaeda in Iraq and Syrian rebel group Jabhat al-Nusra make it official -
    What can be said about his perception? Is this what he foresaw and wished for....or was a case of incomprehension?
    How's this for "Perception is the means, Protection is the end,": more nuclear threats in the world today, and our 'dad' proposes to cut down our nuclear weapons
    But when it comes right down to it....perhaps he had the perception to judge the stupidity of those who voted for him....not once, but TWICE!.

  4. Under Obama the American patriots (the people who really care about America) have lost to the leftist globalists.
    It follows logically that those of us who believe that America is exceptional, in its history, its accomplishments, and its singularity, would revel in same, and desire to perpetuate it.......but those who despise America, believe that America was founded by Racists and Slaveholders, that it is an imperialist nation, that 35 million Americans go hungry, that it invades countries for corporate profits, and that it is largely racist and xenophobic, wish to transform it.
    These, the Leftists, wish for global governance….the end of our sovereignty.
    Tragically, this is the position the Obama voters have created.

  5. "The problem with Socialism eventually run out of other people's money."

    - Margaret Thatcher.

    PS I believe that they are a few good Liberals, the only trouble is I haven't found one yet.

  6. This Lib bashing thread is great Party on.
    Great explanations on why liberals are so stupid.. As of we didn't already know.

  7. PresIdent Obama: In charge of everything. Responsible for nothing.

    Harlan from LeftWatch (Somebody's gotta keep 'em honest!)

  8. Liberals/ Progressives aren’t stupid, they just act stupid, they deny facts, they are irrational, and they cannot debate anything; they just yell, scream and name call to indorse their lies.. They feel that the world would be perfect if everyone would listen to them. When confronted with evil, persons or acts they can not control, they go into denial and refuse to deal with it. Just as they become outraged by the Tea Party, as they feel they can exert control over that so will they ignore Islamic extremists because their Leader has already told them so.

    If those Boston bombers were rightwing rednecks, the left would be rolling in the street in joy.

  9. I can't dispute much of what you have said, Karen, and you put it very well, but I hope you realize that leftists say virtually the same things about conservatives?

    We're talking past each other all the time now. It's a habit that only widens the divisions between us and exacerbates conflict.

    All factions have come to a mental, moral and spiritual log jam.

    Nothing could possibly get any better if we don't break it up.

    The question is HOW?

  10. I saw that headline about Plouffe's risible assertion, but I'm afraid its significance -- or lack thereof -- is sure to escape the great bulk of the zombified electorate.

    Look at the mountain of derogatory evidence The Great Gray Brotherhood has blithely chosen to overlook or disregard already.

    The Left has an uncanny knack for categorizing EVERYTHING unflattering to itself as "vicious, right wing propaganda" just as Jews have an uncanny ability to vilify anything that dares question their motives and activities, however mildly, as "vicious anti-Semitism."

    Both groups have been able to get away with these tactics to such an extent that any meaningful debate or serious critical analysis of either has been stifled and rendered impotent.

    Look at the abysmal condition of the post-Reagan Republican Party, if you don't believe me. Then listen to the dispiriting doubletalk that comes from John McCain, Bob Dole, Orrin Hatch, and others of similar ilk who have effectively become metaphorical Servants of Satan by demonstrating their mistaken belief that it's not only possible but RIGHT and GOOD to COMPROMISE with him.

    They long ago forgot that it can't be done. The Great Deceiver will beat you every time, if you try, and eventually DEVOUR you.


    Please understand that the use of "Satan" immediately above is a METAPHOR -- a SYMBOL -- a convenient term that stands for ANY force deemed undesirable and inimical to human progress.

    The current penchant for simplistic thinking fed by a determination to interpret things literally and fear of being criticized and possibly ostracized for breaking an ever-increasing number of new-minted PC taboos has crippled our chances of engaging in honest, intelligent, civil discourse.

  12. FT
    First you said,
    "All factions have come to a mental, moral and spiritual log jam.

    Nothing could possibly get any better if we don't break it up."

    Then you said,
    " demonstrating their mistaken belief that it's not only possible but RIGHT and GOOD to COMPROMISE with him."

    If compromise is bad, how can things get better?

  13. The young people of the GOP understand that its intransigent position on anything President Obama proposes will continue to place the Republican Party at odds with the majority of the American people, and especially young voters who will come of age by the next presidential election.

    On social issues, the country is becoming more liberal not more conservative.

  14. FT, I'm not sure who you think leads the right wing these days.
    You seem more interested in returning to the golden days of St. Ronnie Raygun as he worked some kind of miracle which is absolutely invisible to normals.

    You turn a blind eye to the economic rape of the country started with St. Ronald's "tinkle down" economics.
    But you'll overlook that if we can just get back to some golden age of culture (which existed only in the imagination).

    You've lost this so called culture war, FT (thankfully). And in the resulting spirit of spite we'll hear this Benghazi stupidity for another three years.
    We'll have all this stupid pearl clutching about AP from the people who were instrumental in giving us the Patriot Act.
    Phone calls and e-mails being appropriated? I remember when The Ladies Who Lunch ™ were all upset not because we were told that Chucklenuts had grabbed millions upon millions of phone conversations but because she thought it would give al-Qaeda crucial information about our security procedures.
    Of course it was used to keep track of political enemies and when asked for a thumbnail description of some reasonable algorithm to sift all those conversations for security leads there was silence.

    More noise. Nothing but noise.

    It is intensely sad, I agree. But what can you do with someone who would rather read Renata Adler than Charlotte Bronte?

  15. FT,
    You might like to see THIS GRAPHIC. The problem is not only Obama, huh?

  16. Duck,
    I'm not to sure that a trifecta of "scandals" is Nothing but noise. Too early to say that, IMO.

    Of course, there will be no smoking gun with regard to the Obama administration. After all: Very few people are aware of this, but there is no document -- not one -- linking Adolf Hitler to the Holocaust. Why not? Because Hitler didn't need to sign a document ordering the slaughter of six million Jews. All he needed to do was to demonize his enemy in speeches at the Reichstag, on the radio, and from one end of Germany to the other -- then hire thugs like Herman Goering, Heinrich Himmler, Adolf Eichmann, and Josef Goebbels. They knew what der Fuhrer wanted, and der Fuhrer knew he could trust his henchman to get the job done -- no matter how, no matter what may be the law -- and to not bother him with the gory details.

    BTW, my post scheduled for tomorrow will interest you. The post is about the massive database in Utah -- perhaps that one that Maxine Waters was lauding Obama for even though the data gathering began right after 9/11.

  17. Do you agree with your Dear Liar that the massacre at Fort Hood was “Work Place Violence” or do you think this was terrorism?
    One has to wonder about these Bottom-Feeding Progressives, do they agree with Obama on the Fort Hood shooting was work place violence
    Do you agree with your dear leader or do you think this was terrorism. Oh I almost forgot, the word or term terrorism was removed from the President’s vocabulary!
    And why hasn’t he already faced a military tribunal for treason and executed for killing his fellow soldiers in cold blood?
    I wonder how many people on these boards know or even care for that matter that Nidal Malik Hasan, the Muslim Terrorist who killed 13 at America's Fort Hood military base, once gave a lecture to other doctors in which he said non-believers should be beheaded and have boiling oil poured down their throats.
    He also told colleagues at America's top military hospital that non-Muslims were infidels condemned to hell who should be set on fire.
    Have you ever had the feeling that we you’re surrounded by idiots?

    The truth is that we are surrounded by idiots that voted for Obama! We have these Progressive Nut-Jobs complaining that We Republicans are “Racists, and are everything negative under the Sun!
    For example, just look at the way this IRS scandal is being handled. What will Obama tell us now that this has all blown up in his face? The IRS, like the Cambridge police, acted stupidly.
    We have Tea party organizations that applied for tax-exempt status, and other organizations applying for tax-exempt status based upon their names or policy positions such as supporters of Israel.
    And the response and denials we are getting from the lefties, these idiotic people that are calling themselves”Progressives” these days! I had not else to do but to laugh when I heard their lame explanations or excuses.. Everyone on this crooked administration lied to congress . Even the White House Lied, and who is the White House? It’s not just a White Building! And the acting commissioner of the IRS lied to congress. And the bottom feeder lefty bloggers swear to these lies. Did you ever see a lefty blogger that didn’t believe everything that comes out of that sewer pond called the Obama Administration?
    Right now the lefties are in full blown panic mode. Whenever there’s a scandal the Left goes in to a spin, spin, spin mode. And a biased press are more than willing to spread lies that the White House puts out.
    The disturbing outrage is that the IRS was able to do this And as we know the IRS scandal is not the only one facing this Administration today. We also have Benghazi Gate, Associated Press Gate,! And is everyone forgetting our $16 trillion debt?
    If you believe nobody was targeted for political reasons you are a fucking moron and/or just a lying tool for your political party. You people have shown us all just how truly pathetic you are by defending the indefensible.
    Nixon may have had his plumbers, Clinton had his Trooper gate, but Obama has his Gestapo IRS doing his dirty work.
    Now we are finding that there are Chemical weapons in Syria. Well imagine that! Chemical weapons in Syria, who would have thunk? I wonder how Syria got Chemical weapons with Barack Obama the Great One not knowing about it?

  18. Maybe, just maybe, George W. Bush was right all the time and Iraq DID have Chemical weapons that were shipped off to Syria as was first thought! And maybe, just maybe Bush didn't lie after all!
    If you remember as I do, Bush listened to the democratic critics on Iraq,and he kept postponing the invasion, waiting for UN sanctions, and for those famous UN Inspectors and approval for the invasion. That gave Saddam Hussein more than enough time to ship the weapons to Syria.
    Of course President Bush was right about Saddam?s WMDs -- but the Liberal media decided on the motto "Bush lied people died"
    The question should be, "where did Syria get these WMD?".
    Did someone else provide them to Syria? Like maybe Iraq?
    None of these are good outcomes for the Obama administration, not for Hillary Clinton, not for Susan Rice, and certainly not for Barack Hussein Obama, or his demented old Grinning Idiot Joe Biden.

    Either they failed to detect a WMD program, failed to detect WMD smuggling operation, or BUSH WAS RIGHT!So now the truth is coming out and President Bush should be vindicated....
    WE desperately need some real Men in the White House, not a Chicken Shit Liar....
    And now Syria has weapons of mass destruction, so what are we going to do about that? More useless sanctions?
    But the left in this country will never ever be able to admit that Bush was correct.
    Shame on the naysayers and the sheep who believed them. Shame on the liberal press and the Democratic swine who were willing to smear George Bush. And Shame on those voted to give this Socialist another 4 years to further destroy America.
    For eight years George Bush kept the Democrats away from redistributing us away to the undeserving freeloaders.
    Obama says that Hillary Clinton will go down in history
    And the Dear Liar says Hillary Clinton will go down in history as one of the finest secretaries of state. In a historic first, Obama made the glowing declaration to Steve Kroft in the Blue Room of the White House in a joint interview with the outgoing the Secretary of State. It was the first interview Obama and Clinton have ever done together. It was also the first joint interview the president has ever given with anyone other than his wife.
    I wonder what his criteria is for this prestigious title?
    Kissing his ass, lying for him, covering up his failures, taking responsibility for his mistakes?
    Does anyone with an IQ above room temperature knows that these are two shameless liars patting each other on their backs.
    Lefties sure like to shovel the manure high!
    Obama says lots of things. Some are ALMOST rational MOST ARE NOT..

    I think that this President has already broken the record for spending, lying, cheating, shitting allover our constitution, blaming his predecessor, and the Republican party
    There has never been a more blatant attack upon the citizens of the United States by a President of the United States.
    What he has done to the state of Israel, - Fast & Furious - arming cartels - the AP, Seal Team Six, The Tea Party, Congress by bypassing them with EO's & Czars, The evangelicals, The Conservatives, The GOP, The Catholic Church, PRO - LIFE GROUPS, the IRS, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the US Military, the US Embassies, The State Department, The CIA, the FBI, our law enforcement across the land and many more people in America is unprecedented. Oh yeah, the Republicans are such a “Close-Minded, Racist Party”

  19. The useless lying shameless Democrats are saying that the Republicans are trying to keep the Benghazi attacks on the front page to discredit LYING former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s possible 2016 presidential bid.
    So I guess that it’s true, a Democrat/Liberal/Leftist/Progressive/Socialist/Communist means never having to say you're sorry

    The stench of the Clinton’s over Washington as bad as it is, can’t be strong enough to out stink Obama's.


  20. You folks are right about this scummy bunch in Obama’s administratiońs. It is the progressives strategy to lie and deny any way they can. Why not, when it is very successful. The scandals right now are a perfect example of their mind set, do and say anything and everything to protect rhis president. No wonder our country is in the crummy situation that we are in. From Obama on down, through Holder, from the IRS to the creeps we have controlling us at the Airports. We are in deep, deep doo-doo. That pretty well sums up the Obama Administration. In my opinion they are all commies...every last one in this scummy administration.


  21. Every day I read something more and more unbelievable stories about the military and the cut being made because of this and because of that!.
    Today I read that the Thunderbirds have been grounded.
    And that Navy frigates will stop conducting drug patrols in the Caribbean and along the South American coastline, ending their participation in a joint operation that stopped 160 tons of cocaine from reaching U.S. streets last year. I guess that stopping 160 tons of cocaine from entering the country wasn’t important enough!
    Also the Marine Corps has halted new enrollments for popular tuition assistance programs that now serve several thousand troops earning high school, college, and graduate school credits on their own time in a cost-cutting move brought on by the sequestration spending reductions.
    I can't believe they haven't started cutting the stupid stuff like the study of the sex life of the Tse tse fly yet.. Or why Michelle Obama hasn’t given up her Big Gulp soda!
    If you are not Sick and Tired of this Administration yet, they there must be something wrong with you.

  22. If THIS is true, there will be millions of disenchanted Obama supporters: – In a final regulation issued Wednesday, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) assumed that under Obamacare the cheapest health insurance plan available in 2016 for a family will cost $20,000 for the year.

    Under Obamacare, Americans will be required to buy health insurance or pay a penalty to the IRS.

    The IRS's assumption that the cheapest plan for a family will cost $20,000 per year is found in examples the IRS gives to help people understand how to calculate the penalty they will need to pay the government if they do not buy a mandated health plan....

    More at the above link.

  23. Free... how is it possible to have civil dialogue about politics these days?

    When Bush was in office, all the lefties were experts on knowing what his motivation was and many were incessant in their carping about his short comings.

    For many, it became an art form that the right decried.

    Now, with the shoe on the proverbial other foot, the right has become expert in knowing the motivations of Pres. Obama and his team.

    When the extreme left went after Bush, as evidenced by the wackos at Code Pink it was wrong.

    When the right attacks Pres. Obama in similar ways, it too is wrong.

    Sadly, I become more convinced every day that sane dialogue, the type that does not resort to swearing and name calling is not possible.

    Where does someone who was raised to believe that such language is wrong, or at best juvenile, go for conversation?

    Or maybe that is not the purpose of blogging. Maybe the blogosphere really is just one long vent-a-thon...

  24. No, AOW, the issue is not the Obama administration despite it imperial nature.

    The problem is those who see this as a matter whose origins are in the Obama administration.
    You know I consider Obama a conservative and a Wall Street shill but I take some solace that he's a bit more even handed than someone like Romney who was considered TOO LIBERAL by the far right (the mind absolutely boggles).

    So I'm back to the beginning. What does the right want?
    Allen West, Michele Bachmann (buh-bye,sweetheart)? What do I make of people who took Herman Cain seriously?

    What do you want to do about health insurance? Here we have a plan that was originally developed by THE HERITAGE FOUNDATION (you know, Jim DeMint (R - Corporate pimp). A huge giveaway to private insurers who produce NOTHING. Remember that, NOTHING! And all the fringe right can do is whine about socialized medicine as if they understood the idea.

    No. The key here is Obama. The hatred of Obama who is merely a continuation of the militarism and corporatism of the last 30+ years.

    Here is what I can figure out about the right's wish for America(in no particular order):

    1. Smash the homos

    2. Stop giving my tax money to the blacks and the illegals. Bank of America and the military are okay to spiff, however.

    3. Kill lots of Muslims.

    4. Shout down anyone smart enough to know the social welfare state has little to do with Marxism.

    5. Pull you kid out of public school if it means (s)he's exposed to different points of view.

    6. I don't have the dedication (generic, not personal - please) to teach in the conditions of the inner city but those damn teachers unions better stop lobbying.

    7. Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and shipped them to a political enemy, Syria. Hey Debonair Dud, maybe Syria got the components from Iran or Russia and whipped up the stuff.

    Really, I would like to find a way to respect conservative thought these days. I can't and one of the main reasons is the absolute failure to see current issues as a continuum that started when we started selling America to the highest bidder.

    Some may well have a developed and sound vision for America. Others are just a bunch of trained baboons who yelp at the black guy on command but you have to reject that bunch of apes before you can claim membership in the first group.

  25. ___________ On the Floe ___________

    The sun is setting in the east these days.
    The north pole traveled southward long ago.
    The penguins in the tropics now wear leis.
    The roses in the tundra sweetly blow.

    The tides receding come in nevermore.
    The geese now migrate from the south to north.
    The ocean vast is nothing now but shore.
    The semen towards the egg will not come forth.

    Negativity we worship now as god.
    Perversity is wholesome; Virtue’s vile.
    Normality’s regarded now as odd.
    Whatever’s queer is welcomed with a smile.

    Darkness has become the Guiding Light.
    To stay alive we must not fight the Blight.

    ~ FreeThinke (6/3/13)

  26. Ducky, independent of your interpretation of events, or causes, you are right to ask about solutions.

    Neither side, left or right seems much interested in honestly seeking solutions.

    It seems as if people are more interested in complaining, screaming, and griping, rather than seeking solutions.

    Syria is a good example.

    It is a horrible situation and people are right to be upset, but rather than complain, why not offer some realistic solutions?

    Maybe it is because, like many realists in congress have figured out, there are just no easy, or good solutions.

    I remember asking someone who complained a lot about this once, and he said the presidents job is to offer solutions, his role was to complain.

    So very helpful...

  27. Duck,
    We don't agree on all points that you listed above.

    However, you and I DO agree on this point:

    the issue is not the Obama administration despite it imperial nature.

    However, it is now Obama's watch, so he takes the heat from the discontented factions -- as Presidents on their watches always have.

    The problem is those who see this as a matter whose origins are in the Obama administration.

    The origins go back a long, long way to big-government lovers vs. small-government lovers. Remember the Constitutional Convention? The compromise that yielded our Constitution happened only because the very survival of a young nation was at stake -- and both sides knew that fact.

    It is not "The struggle is eternal," as you often say but rather this: The quest for power is eternal.

    We can posit "What if" and "What if not" until the cows come home. But what happened has indeed happened. The question is: Where do we go from here?


    Ah, health insurance! I've never been a big supporter of private health insurance companies. As you know, I've often related how much money Mr. AOW and I and our employers paid in over some 40 years for health insurance coverage -- only to get grief and crazy hoops to jump through when Mr. AOW actually needed the benefits after his stroke in 2009. That said, Mr. AOW's medical bills of some $150,000 that year in network resulted in our paying about $20,000 out of pocket (including premiums, Mr. AOW's @ $700/month and mine at $200/month). I am not convinced that single payer or a national health service would have been much better.

    It is as Obama once said (paraphrase): "Every family is just one catastrophic illness away from medical bankruptcy." ObamaCare doesn't address that matter -- that's my big beef.

    Despite the fact that I have ZERO PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS, my own health insurance premium is nearly $300/month with a $2500 deductible and no pharmacy coverage. Frankly, I am avoiding taking certain medications because I don't want to be labeled with "pre-existing condition," which would increase my monthly premium. I know lots of people in that same boat!

  28. Duck,
    What does the right want?

    Perhaps certain aspects of days of yore. Some of those aspects can no longer be restored.

    However, curbing government spending is one of the primary goals of the right, I think.

    Also, I think that the right would like for elected public servants to quit being elitists and brush us off as so many gnats that are interfering with the politicians' agendas -- and the lining of their own pockets. I support severe term limits for Congress critters so that they don't become ensconced in their ivory towers and lose touch with the reality on the ground. It used to be that public servants served a term or two, then returned to other jobs. Wouldn't THAT be refreshing?

  29. Battles may be lost or won, depending in your point of view, Canardo, but WAR will remain ever present until we reach Armageddon -- the End of Time.

    RIght now it appears we are busily pushing ourselves towards a renascence of the Dark Ages -- a movement fed and energized by tragically misguided Popular Will. The costumes and the weaponry will be different but the adversaries never change -- the warriors, forever kept in a state of ignorance and confusion, just switch sides every century or so. The CONFLICT, however, never ceases.

    "... The world which lies before us ...
    Has neither peace nor certitude nor help from pain
    And we are here, as on a darkling plane
    Swept by confused alarums of struggle and flight
    Where ignorant armies clash by night."

    ~ Matthew Arnold (a probably misquoted fragment from Dover Beach)

  30. Dave Miller said.
    When Bush was in office
    When Bush was in office
    When Bush was in office
    When Bush was in office
    When Bush was in office
    When Bush was in office
    When Bush was in office
    When Bush was in office
    When Bush was in office
    When Bush was in office

  31. Darth, are you saying, in response to my post where I said "When Bush was in office" that the left was not incessant in their carping against his policies?

    What a prefect example of what our political dialogue has become. Even when someone on the left is critical of the left, some people on the right are critical simply because of who is saying it.

    I would have thought that particular part of my comment would have been met with approval from the right.

  32. So what Dave Miller is essentially saying is that he compares, the Wackos over at Code Pink to the people on the Right who have their well deserved problems with Barack Obama.
    This in my opinion is a totally stupid comparison.


    We may both look at a sphere. From where I sit it may appear to glow with light. From where you sit it may appear entirely dark -- or vice versa.

    Both of us would be both right AND wrong in our perception of that sphere, because how each of us sees it depends entirely on our individual position regarding the direction of the source of light.

    In TRUTH the sphere is neither light NOR dark. It only seems that way because of the way one source of light happens to strike it. Move yourself to the other side of sphere, and you'll see it differently. Move all the way around it, and you'll see its identity is more complex than you had imagined.

    A simplistic analogy, perhaps, but one, I hope, that at least points in more reasonable, less antagonistic, less intransigent direction.

    CURIOSITY is the best antidote to COMBATIVENESS.

  34. Thank you Mr. Thinke for your blog post. It is obvious that President Obama is the Special Interests President. He is not the President of All of the People, but of Special Interests. We, the People, are not special enough for him, he’d rather rub elbows with golf players, entertainers, rappers and movie or TV personalities. ..The unconditionally voting Democratic doesn't work; progressives have been doing that for 30 YEARS and look at the results, America is going down the tubes. America is burning while the Obama’s party and vacation. President Barack Obama isn't the solution. He's the problem.

  35. I was for obama 4 years ago. But he didn't do what he said he was going to do. I was NOT for him this go round but he was the lesser of two evils...I thought.
    Now? I wish he would just step down or be removed by whatever method impeachment and removal is. He has done enough trampling and plodding his way.
    I just think he is in way over his head and there are too many scandals connected to him now. So for our country....I think he is just not the right leader for us at this time. I would hate to see running the USA.

  36. @AOW --- Also, I think that the right would like for elected public servants to quit being elitists and brush us off as so many gnats that are interfering with the politicians' agendas

    And as long as we have no way to deal with a packed court and rulings like Citizens United we will be for sale.
    Maybe we can all remember Rush trying to con the populace into believing huge amounts of corporate cash constitutes speech and as a result we are at a disadvantage.

    I do not believe you when you talk about cutting government spending however. You mean cut social programs and will gladly fork over to fund the military since outside of banking, drones and prisons are our best sources of growth.

    An appropriations bill came out of the House today. They gave the military billions in INCREASES (because we are at danger from night drops by crack Iranian spec-ops) and the bill refuses to close Gitmo.
    To me, that is the Republican Party today. Keep up the spending and ratchet up the conditions which will help ensure a stream of radicals to scare the American populace.
    It's a mugs game but you gotta think about the economy.
    Billions for the military but social programs are wasteful spending.
    Sorry, that's a great big TILT light.

  37. Darth, that last post was just as silly and distorted and many of the things we hate so much that are slung at "us" from the Left.

    Dave is a very decent person who makes every effort to be polite and reasonable. I don't question his motives at all, even though I most often disagree with some of the "solutions" he appears to champion.

    I have made it abundantly clear in the past few weeks that all this acrimonious name-calling and mud-slinging is not only BORING and UNWORTHY it doesn't do ANYONE a particle of good.

    Dave talked about the blogs being little but a "VENTATHON." I agree with him, and have used that very term, myself, more than once.

    It's time we acted more like adults -- WHETHER WE THINK the OPPOSITION is "WORTHY" or NOT.

  38. Astonishing the response one little cartoon can bring.

    Much of the best we've had to offer has been largely ignored.


  39. FreeThinke said...

    Darth, that last post was just as silly and distorted and many of the things we hate so much that are slung at "us" from the Left.

    Dave is a very decent person who makes every effort to be polite and reasonable.

    Well everyone is entitled to their own opinion aren't they.

    As far as I know this is still America.

    Personally I find Dave to be a polite but misguided Obama Bush Blaming Kool-aide drinker.

    Sorry but if he's entitled to his opinion, I;m just as entitled to mine.

  40. I agree with D.B.

    Everyone is entitled to "their" own opinion. And some are more entitled than others.

  41. Billions for the military but social programs are wasteful spending.

    Wasteful AND unconstitutional. You want to help the poor, duckman? Give money to a church.

  42. These leftists should all be required to bring at least two homeless people into their homes and give them free room and board. And every white liberal who has a daughter should insist she marry a Negro.

    Lonna Lerner

  43. Sorry, Farmer, the programs aren't unconstitutional until SCOTUS rules them such.

    Why not petition the court?

  44. So that FDR can stack it? No thanks. I prefer to hang the violators from liberty poles. It leaves a more lasting memory that way.

  45. Duck,
    I do not believe you when you talk about cutting government spending however. You mean cut social programs and will gladly fork over to fund the military since outside of banking, drones and prisons are our best sources of growth.

    Actually, I favor certain social programs, but not the bilking thereof. Just one example of bilking: drug dealers riding all over D.C. on Medicaid-funded scooters can serve as one example of such bilking. There are also numerous cases of fraud related to Social Security Disability.

    Yesterday, the WaPo offered this example of wasteful government spending: "‘Temporary’ farm subsidy program may finally meet the reaper."

    I do not favor the use of drones -- too Bradbury!

    All levels of government have too many personnel at salaries that are too high. For example, the public libraries here used to have at least 3 librarians on duty every day -- a $80,000+ per librarian; the librarians had little to do and sat around chatting. Now, thanks to the recession, those libraries are down to one librarian per shift; there has been no discernible deterioration of service.

    Again, I emphasize that I do not favor the termination of all social services -- particularly for those who are the most "helpless" in our society.

    As you know, Mr. AOW and I have found a way -- at least, for now -- not to be a burden on social services. We COULD have easily accessed certain services but chose not to. Sometimes "where there is a will, there's a way" really can work; but the tendency of our society today is to roll over and let the government step in. The government, of course, has not funds other than those extracted from the taxpayers' pockets. "Free services" are not free!

  46. Duck,
    About prisons are our best sources of growth....

    Recently, on the More 2 History Channel, I saw a program about the burgeoning prison system. Apparently, the growth of the prison system is, in large part, related to the war against drugs.

  47. I agree with Darth Bacon as well.
    Mr. Dave Miller is another Ultra Liberal who suffers from "The Blame Bush Syndrome" a disease of the Left.
    It's been 5 years since Bush is out of office and Mr. Dave Miller is still blaming Bush.
    Will people like Mr. Miller or even Obama himself ever own-up to his own responsibilities? I seriously doubt. If they do then what would they have to complain about? Who would they blame for Obama's FAILURES then?

    These are the very same people that stood up for Bill Clinton and watched him comeing out of Church every Sunday morning with a Bible in hand and then got into a State Troopers car to be driven to his daily BJ or worst yet Raping.

    The same people who joined Kanye West & Spike Lee charging Bush for causing Hurricane Katrina by putting holes in the Levees in the Black Peoples neighborhoods!
    Jesse Jackson said that Bush wanted the Black people to be stranded in the the floods like “the hull of a Slave Ship.”!

    At Coretta Scott King’s funeral Jimmy Carter said: “We only have to recall the color of the faces of those in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi, those who were most devastated by Katrina, to know that there are not yet equal opportunities for all Americans.”

    Cindy Sheehan was camped outside President Bush's Texas ranch for months said says Hurricane Katrina was all President Bush's fault because he neglected “Global Warming”

    BUT how many Libs said that Geirge Bush was behind 9-11?
    No one ever says or admits that George Bus has degrees from Harvard and Yale and is a trained fighter pilot?
    These liberal morons are always blaming him for every bad thing that happens on the face of the earth!
    Yep, "The Blame Bush Syndrome" IS A DISEASE OF THE LEFT. So please Free Thinke, don't call these people "Reasonable"

  48. DD, I'm in general agreement with your point of view, but there are two things that bother me.

    1. You obviously did not read -- or chose to ignore -- what Dave Miller actually said in the post that ticked you off. That means that you have allowed yourself to become so completely partisan that you've rendered yourself immune to reason.

    Now THAT is a characteristic I normally ascribe to LIBERALS -- a complete and utter MINDLESS INTOLERANCE of ANY sign of OPPOSITION. When you indulge in that sort of behavior, you play right into the hands of our adversaries.

    2. You also indulge in spreading half-truths and suppositions that that border on becoming canards. That TOO plays right into the hands of the opposition. If you insist, I will analyze what you've said and break it down to support my contention.

    When "we" allow ourselves to act foolishly, is it any wonder that many, who think they should not like us, eagerly portray "us" as fools?

    To sum up with the use of a cliché:

    We need LESS HEAT and MORE LIGHT in our thinking AND our rhetoric.

    "They always do it, so why shouldn't we?" Is NOT an appropriate response. ;-)



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