Tuesday, March 12, 2013

In the Interests of Fairness We Present A Photo Essay Including Five of the Most Flattering Pictures of the Clintons We Could Find. They Speak for Themselves Most Eloquently


  1. I need eye bleach for that last one!

    What is Hillary wearing in that second photo? A beach cover-up?

  2. And lets not for get this beauty.


  3. Actually her answers at the Benghazi hearings, or her NON answers, have just eliminated her from running for President. I hope she is okay with falling on her sword for Obama, who she hates with a passion. Of course the Democratic election machine didn't want her anyway, proof is that Obama is President right now and not her, so they sent her up there with a message. You can walk out when they ask the tough questions and eliminate yourself from Presidential consideration, or you can NOT answer their questions when they ask the tough but simple one, and eliminate yourself from Presidential consideration. Yep she's a tough old broad and she took one in the ass for the home team.
    Bottom line is that Hillary was the boss. All the little limpdicks who tried to stand toe to toe with her looked even less significant afterwards

  4. The Pig in a Pant Suit will not rest until she´s President. You can bet that for the next 3 years all we are going to hear about is about her success as Secretary of State, and her vast experience; and how she´s the smartest person in the world and how privileged we would be to have her as the first woman President.
    But you won't hear about her Arab spring Failures
    Her Failures in Syria.
    Her Failures in North Korea.
    Her Failures in the Middle East
    Her Failures in Iran.
    Her Failures in Iraq
    And how she dodged the bullets in Bosnia!

  5. After Bush and Obama, Bill Clinton is looking like a great president.

  6. Great? I wouldn't go that far.

  7. Hillary did what she does best in the Benghazi hearings.
    She took the offence rather than the defense saying that he House needs to give me money for embassy defense. She's turned this into a victory lap. Remember that rhe best defense is a good offense
    She never even mentioned the"YouTube" film..
    That hearing was nothing less than a political sideshow.

    Obama isn't the only one who knows how to throw someone under the bus.
    Sen. Ron Johnson went after Hillary for the protest story without any facts. Hillary angrily responds literally pounding the table saying "We had 4 dead Americans! Was it a protest?...”WHAT DIFFERENCE AT THIS POINT DOES IT MAKE?"

    Unfortunately, Johnson had no answer to why it's a problem the administration spent 2 weeks lying. Hillary hid behind the bodies of 4 dead Americans and it will play well.
    Yep good ole Hillary, “concussion” and all, she sure turned the tables on the Republicans, telling them “what’s the point”!
    Whats the point? How about it’s an investigation to learn if they died because this administration INCLUDING Hillary are inept; lying about the cause indicates a cover-up and purposely misleading the American people has consequences - Nixon was shamed out of office for much less, and it didn’t include the death of 4 Americans! How about because you owe it to the surviving families to come clean about what happened? That’s the point!

  8. @Wolfenstein --- But you won't hear about her Arab spring Failures
    Her Failures in Syria.
    Her Failures in North Korea.
    Her Failures in the Middle East
    Her Failures in Iran.
    Her Failures in Iraq
    And how she dodged the bullets in Bosnia!
    Failure in Iran? How so, she didn't nuke them since we all know the Likud clowns don't have the muscle to fly into a hazard?
    Just how did she fail?
    However, you did get one benefit from sanctions, higher gas prices. Pay up suckers.

    Failure in North Korea? They're acting crazy, that's certainly freaking new to the cureent administration. Bore me later.

    Failure in Iraq? Explain? Chucklenuts Bush started two wars, Iran won both of them. How is that Hillary's fault. We know that our military sucks the gas pipe when it comes to counter insurgency but that's been true since 1950.

    Go back and obsess over Benghazi. That's what the fringe right considers productive.
    We are a sorry people.

  9. Hillary is wearing a negligee in that second picture, AOW. Bill dragged her out of bed, and pulled her downstairs and ordered her to smile and wave in front of the cameras before she could get properly dressed. He never has been one to miss a photo op, and frankly neither has she. For low-born, ill-bred people of this sort there is no such thing as bad publicity.

    ---------> Katharine Heartburn

  10. It really sucks to be you, doesn't it Ducko? I could almost feel sorry for you.


  11. Ducky Schmucky said
    "Go back and obsess over Benghazi. That's what the fringe right considers productive.
    We are a sorry people"

    We had four Americans KILLED there, and your calling that being "obsessed"
    I'm not Obsessed, I'm pissed off and Fired up!
    Four American's died,excuse me, (they were MURDERED)and then Obama lied, Clinton lied, Susan Rice lied, and the lies and cover up still continue unabated and the truth is not coming to the surface with the treason of this administration.. And your calling ME obsessed? It's been over 25 years and YOU dumbass liberals are STILL obsess with with Iran Contra!
    Tell me, is it racist to refer to the entire Obama administration as a bunch of lying bumbling idiots?

  12. Hillary thinks she’s American royalty, and HOW DARE ANYBODY QUESTION HER INTEGRITY. Ole fat-ass stretch pants thunder thighs is nothing more than a failed, corrupt lawyer who latched on to her lying, rapist husband’s coattails. Look for the same holier-than-thou attitude from fat-ass Michelle Obama. These losers would be broke if not for political corruption.

  13. Well, now, Darth, let's try to be a little bit fair, only for Propriety's sake. Hillary Rodham DID manage to graduate from Wellesley, one of our more prestigious colleges for women at the time, and by all reports got good grades there and at Yale Law School too. She never wanted to be a lawyer, of course. I believe she has hoped to become Ruler of the World for a very long time.

    I don't pretend to understand her "marriage," and I find her desperately unattractive, myself, but one must admit the woman has great tenacity -- a will to persevere given to few -- and balls of brass to back it up.

    Persistence, of course, is said to be the devil's only virtue.

    Of course, an infinite capacity for brazen effrontery, absolute shamelessness, and a ruthless determination to advance do little to hurt the chances of fulfilling the vainest ambition either.

    You may take it from there, but please keep it clean. ;-)

  14. Moondancer, even I as one of Hillary's most ardent detractors, draw the line at anything as gross as THAT.

    I'm afraid you've spoiled my appetite. (:-x

  15. Free Thinke said "
    You may take it from there, but please keep it clean. ;-)"

    Ok, my good man, I'll be glad to.
    Lets start with the
    What difference does it make? remark!How dare she say What difference does it make?
    Are you kidding Madame Secretary? My blood is boiling, again! I want to know why no one is continuing to push this. Instead of answering the questions, she’s shouting and screaming at the ones asking the questions?
    Have they already swept this catastrophe under the rug? The incompetence and lack of accountability and caviler attitude along with Hillary’s drama act is appalling. She is either lying or so incompetent, or as I see it BOTH! She should have been fired along with others including that dumb UN Ambassador of ours. . The incompetence her and her staffs have managed to get an American Ambassador and 3 brave people killed; another ambassador racked over the coals as the spokesperson but no one in this administration seems to want to do the right thing. Where is the outcry from the families? And what about Obama and his part in this cover up? What ever happened to “The buck stops here?” She seemed to enjoy the role of Madame Secretary when it is all fun and games along with “All the Milage” that she racked up!! But is was truly a slacker in doing due diligence in the hard things which is most of what being Secretary of State would include.
    Okay, now let us get to Hillary Clinton’s remark
    "why it does matter” Madam Hillary grew very angry when questioned and wanted to know why it mattered what the reason for the terrorist attack was. Well don’t we want to know the fact Madam Hillary? Why should YOU get so angry and pissed? We are the ones who are angry and pissed! So yes it DOES matter, and it still matters!
    The American people deserve to know why their government was lying to them and we deserve to know what the government was hiding and is still hiding to this very day.Are we going to allow this corrupt administration to get away with this?
    And you call yourself Presidential material?

  16. I fail to understand why Duck keeps insisting that Benghazi doesn't matter.

  17. Because Benghazi was a CIA interrogation center, not an embassy annex of safe-house. As such, it was a legitimate MILITARY target. That it relied upon it's "cover story" for security is the REAL embarrassment for the Obama Administration. It's the equivalent of protecting America's "schools" with "Gun Free Zone" legislation. In other words... pure liberal fantasy.

    The administration believes the liberal lie that the "other" (al Qaeda) isn't dangerous. It's the "guns" that are dangerous.

  18. Islam w/o terrorists is the new "coffee w/o caffein".

    The problem is... no one's buying it.

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  20. I really liked looking at our secretary of state in the outfit she wears as our country's official representative in the world. Why would we be surprised that no one likes us anymore after getting a look at that?

    Klitoria van Klimax

  21. Not sure what he point of posting that photo of Hillary was, other than to offend the eyes.

    However, I do agree with SF, Bill is looking pretty damn good looking back and comparing him to GWB and BHO.

  22. This Clinton story may be related to one about her mama, apparently ...


    There are plenty of references to this massive fraud on the internet, but we'll likely have to wait for the journal of record to get the story ...


    With the problems in Cypress happening this story may well be part of a massive pile of bee ess about to hit the fan.



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