Sunday, March 10, 2013

This Week’s
goes to
John McCain
Lindsey Graham
for their shabby treatment of
Man of the thirteen hours
Rand Paul
after the good effects of Senator Paul’s 
13-hour filibuster against 
John Brennan as CIA Director and the potential use of Drone Strikes against Americans on American soil


  1. The GOP has come loose from its moorings.

    I do wonder if McCain is in the early stages of dementia. Really. It seems to me that he's gotten "strange."

  2. More related information:

    According to Krauthammer, Republicans like Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain are pushing back against Paul’s obfuscation of the real issue at hand.

    “But the real issue — and the reason McCain is upset with all of this — is that this is a way to get into the issue,” he added. “Rand Paul’s opposition largely has to do with drone attacks overseas, and that is what McCain wants to protect, and what Rand Paul ultimately wants to undermine. But he cleverly chose an issue on which everybody agrees.”

    How fractured can the GOP get without self-destructing?

  3. Off topic, but you have previously posted about this: "George W. Bush’s art teacher says he’ll go down in history ‘as a great artist’."

  4. We need MORE people like Lindsey Graham in the Republican party, he's one of the few that holds Obammies feet to the fire.
    When the Libs complain about someone like him, then he must be doing something right.

  5. Lindsey is all about compromise. After devoting years to setting up the legal framework for trials of Gitmo detainees, the Attorney General simply threw it out.... showing what the value of compromise gets you.

  6. You dumbass Republicans are hypocrites for continuing to blame Hillary Clinton and President Obama regarding Libya. Have you Republican hypocrites forgotten that The US Consulate in the Karachi, Pakistan, was attacked and 10 were killed? Or in 2004 when the US embassy in Uzbekistan was attacked and 2 were killed and 9 injured in 2004? And, in the same year, the US Consulate in Saudi Arabia was stormed and 8 Americans were killed. Terrorist attacked the US Embassy in Syria and one person was killed. An RPG was shot at the US Embassy in Athens in 2007. The US Embassy in Serbia was set on fire in 2008, and in the same year the bombings in the US Embassy in Yemen cost 10 lives. No you have not forgotten. I guess you take comfort being a hypocrites, rather than truthful.

    I don’t see any of you dumbass Republican hypocrites blaming Bush for Iraq! He was reelected despite the fact that his war led to thousands of American deaths in addition to thousands more who lost limbs, mental affliction and even suicides. That seem to far eclipse the four deaths lost in Bengazi.
    What ever happened to the WMD that led to Bush’s war? Where was your fake outrage when the Bush war regime killed tens of thousands of innocent people on both sides?. What went unanswered, was why the Republican war criminals were NEVER held accountable for their war crimes

  7. Pappa:

    You are the dumbass. The events you describe did not all kill Americans, and they are not the same. Some were bombings.

    But more importantly, unlike Benghazi, there were full security measures in place, and the Bush administration gave a full accounting of what happened.

    Also, unlike our current dithering idiot of a president, Bush reacted immediately, saving peoples lives.

    Obummer left Americans to die.

    Keep spinning those lies, it's all the left has left.

  8. While Republicans will routinely criticize their Democratic opponents for being extremists, your arguments are rarely truthful. You people are in a minority, and thus you constantly lose elections. This is why the left is in almost total domination of media.

    You’re old-fashioned and you’re out of touch with reality. Maybe you should stick to writing Poetry instead of a political blog

  9. This is just a little spit-spat about who leads the Benghazi Party.

    Rand Paul or Knuckles McCain, enjoy. The rest of us might even see you in a couple decades.


  10. President Obama and his administration have been honest and up-front with everyone about the Benghazi attacks , they've given all information that is and was available , if more info comes out it'll be made available . When , oh when will these Teapublican / Republican congress people and senators ever finally bring themselves to the realization that they've got a black president ...and boss and that's really what it's all about for them as much as they try to deny it ... deep inside , it's why they do what they do . It seems when G.W. Bush was running up trillions in debt with wars and tax giveaways...the Repubs weren't all that worried about the debt as they are now...hmmm... isn't that curious . But your unquestioning adoration and admiration of George W. Bush is painfully objectionable, and frankly embarrassing.
    After reading this blog, does anyone really believe this guy ? I personally think these Republican bloggers are being complete partisan a$$h0Ies? This blogger Mr. Thinke is at least as brilliant and insightful as Mike Tyson.


  11. The Tea Bags will go on forever with their nonsense. Lie, Lie, Lie, That's what they do, that’s the way they get their point across . Grow up !! You and your Teabaging buddies are living in never never land. Calling other people names, and trying to belittle their blogs them is right out of the right wing crybaby handbook. That’s right, we know you have to resort to these tactics because you have no facts or rational to back you up. Go away little clown. And the bottom line is that he got re-elected by a landslide. Hmmmm. What does that say about the republicans? You lost, get over it.

  12. Calling other people names, and trying to belittle their blogs them is right out of the right wing crybaby handbook.

    Sounds like "projection" to me.

    Hypocrite, thy true name is democrat.

    1. Exactly, and typical liberal crapola.

  13. It IS such fun watching the unlimited and often senseless finger pointing between the two crapola parties.

    As the Oligarchs lick their chops.

  14. More and more I find myself vasty amused when leftists provide these revelations of who they are and what they are about.

    Who needs to do research when dump trucks back up to one's space and unload mountains of manure proving and underscoring every point one tries to make?

  15. You're right about compromise, FJ. In a contest with the devil there can be no compromise whatsoever.

    That "Establishment Republicans," aka "RINOS," refuse to recognize the magnitude of the malignancy they oppose, and that is the primary reason why "The Stupid Party" keeps losing to "The Evil Party."

  16. It amuses me too to observe the shabby tactics employed by students at The Tokyo Rose Academy and graduates of Lord Haw Haw University.

    Plus ca change, plus ca la meme chose.

    Astonishing to observe the ease with which rotten ideas achieve immortality.

  17. Hey Pappa Dumbass:

    I asked you for links to back up your unfounded assertions. Of course, you provide none, because you lapped it up off of a leftwing propaganda site and mindlessly regurgitated it.

    Just another propaganda drone...

    Americans were fighting for their lives in Benghazi, and Obummer was busy prepping for a fundraising vacation. He left Americans to die. That is unprecedented.

    I do agree with you on one thing:

    "This is why the left is in almost total domination of media."

    Yes, the left does dominate the media, but I think you've got your cause and effect backwards, which usually happens to those with their heads stuck up their asses.

  18. Also, many of us on the right have criticized President Bush, something the fawning lefties are preternaturally incapable of doing. Gaia forbid someone should criticize the Obamessiah.

  19. I guess your Republican readers never heard of the old bigoted saying, "Lazy shiftless nigger."
    It referred to ANY black man, not just a "lazy" black man. Amazing to watch People like RN explain it away, like they never heard the term before. I'm sure they will have a party if the Supreme Court overturns the Voting Rights Act.

  20. aNon pulling up a chair and depositing bits of it crapola here, there, and everywhere.

  21. @Silverfiddle ---
    Americans were fighting for their lives in Benghazi, and Obummer was busy prepping for a fundraising vacation. He left Americans to die.
    You're either ignorant or a liar.

    The casualties were absorbed in the very early stage of the attack and a military response would have served no purpose.

    Stop, you're being as jive as Lindsey Graham's fag hag, Kelly Ayotte.

  22. Ducky: Funny, I never took you for a dimwit Obamastooge, but there you are.

    The press said so, so it must be true...

    We also have on record that admin officials knew how exposed that consul was, but I suppose that was all Bush's fault...

  23. ALL of the Gitmo tribunal decisions have now been rendered "moot". Thanks Barrack!

  24. Anonymous spewed: I guess your Republican readers never heard of the old bigoted saying, "Lazy shiftless nigger."

    After 40+ years of teaching, I can declare that a particular student of mine the past few years is the laziest person I've ever met. It is astounding just how lazy this brilliant young man is. I regularly tell him so -- as do others, including his parents. He's white.

    Saying that someone is lazy is not necessarily a racist statement.

    I am sick and tired of people who try to impose white guilt at every turn.

  25. Thank you, AOW. You have very neatly described The Game played by the left since that unfortunate element first got its hooks into what-had-been a decent, orderly, productive, forward moving society. Namely to ascribe the worst possible motives to any stray remarks or activities made in all innocence by persons known to be unsympathetic to The Collectivist Revolutionary Movement, exaggerate them to epic proportions and smear them all over the place in as loud and aggressive accusatory manner possible.

    Anyone who even HINTS at being "unsympathetic" to the aims of the left is loudly denounced in the most scurrilous terms till he is condemned in The Court of Public Opinion as defined by the enemedia -- a vicious venue created, owned, operated and almost totally controlled by leftists of a pecuLIARly perverse, pugnacious and unprincipled disposition.

    This foul phenomenon is the Creature of the Culture of Critique and Complaint -- an insidious form of revolution devised by the infamous Frankfurt School's use of ideas that originated in the twisted psyche of Antonio Gramsci.

    The Pen really IS mightier than The Sword. Too bad the vast majority are unaware of the way their "thinking" has been shaped and molded by the methods of Mass Hypnosis employed by the Enemedia -- AND by the Educational Establishment, which was effectively taken over by members of The Frankfurt School generations ago.



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