Wednesday, December 13, 2017


The election is over
The sparring is done.
My party lost.
Your party won,
But let’s make amends
Go on as friends,
Let our differences pass,
While I hug my Dumbo,
And you kiss your ass!



  1. Well, if I was a voter in Alabama, I'd do some checking on any electronic voting machines that may have been used in the election. If the name Smartmatic is on it it's suspect, since that is the company that George Soros owns, (at least part of it).

    "Alabama residents will be able to vote electronically from abroad
    The Alabama Secretary of State, John H. Merrill, has confirmed that during the upcoming municipal elections in Montgomery an e-voting trial will take place.

    During this voting process, this innovation will be made available to military and civilian voters residing abroad, who will be able to choose between this voting mode and the traditional postal vote."

    I checked and his is the company that was involved at least in 2015.

    1. Jones won by the thinnest of margins. At last count Moore had gotten 38.4% to Jones's 39.9%.

      I think it's safe to say The Alabama Election was "won" by The Washington Post's Hit Squad coupled with the GOPRINO's determination to resist, rebuff, rebuke, and reject Dinald J. Trump's presidency at everyb turn, even if it demands their political suicde.

      We don't really have a "country" anymore, Waylon, we have an ENEMEDIACRACY.

      From the little I know that began with "WATERGATE."

    2. ____________________ CORRECTION ____________________

      With 100 percent of precincts reporting, Jones holds 49.9 percent of the vote, compared to Moore’s 48.4 percent, a 1.5 percent gap, according to The New York Times.

    3. FT,
      From the little I know that began with "WATERGATE."

      A few years earlier during the Vietnam War Era is my first memory of the ENEMEDIACRACY. But not really a memory, but rather more of a hindsight realization.

      Something else is in play now here in Virginia, too: the metropolitanocracy. All those red areas until the votes of the very blue metropolitan areas were counted in 2008, 2012, and 2016; in essence, Northern Virginia, Richmond, and Hampton Roads rule the state.

      The metropolitanocracy and the enemediacracy are destroying our republic.

    4. Yes. AOW. I should have said that ENEMEDIACRACY began in earnest in the SICK-sties, although to be more technically accurate it started LONG before that, I'm old enough to remember the very beginnings of the television era who more or less concided with Joe McCarthy's HUAC investigations. The profound anti-American, pro-Marxist bias began to take hold even before you were born, AOW.

      I've outlined the reasins I bekueve this occurred, but havse promised never to touch that particular "Third Rail" again, so I'll share everyone –– even though I KNOW it to be the TRUTH. In oreder to jeep peace in the family we MUST perpetuate the Enemy's self-serving LIES lest we be branded "bigots." OY!

      HOWEVER, I do see "WATERGATE" as the CULMINATION of several decades of quasi-subversive tactics, –– subtle at first, but blatant as a roaring, stamping, fire-breathng DRAGON by the time WOODSTOCK, CAMPUS ANTI-WAR RADICALS, and the NEGRO RIOTS in ROCHESTER, NY., and WATTS in CA.became regrettable parts of our history. All those things were bad, but "WATERGATE," as far as I know, was the very first time an American president was literally DRIVEN OUT OF OFFICE by specific tactics engaged in by the MEDIA.

      This is STILL as preposterous, aggravating and infuriating as it was forty-six years ago –– because President Nixon had just WON a SECOND TERM in an historic LANDSLIDE VICTORY.

      The Nixon was forced to resign was THE day when the ENEMEDIA took control of the reigns.

      Ronald Reagan's presidency was not part of the ENEMEDIA'S plan. It was not supposed to happen. It was a FLUKE.

      What happened in the WAKE of the Reagan years proves –– to ME at least –– that our leaders once again wagged their tails,rolled on the floor, licked the boots of our Fearful Masters who OWN and CONTROL the ENEMEDIA, the PROFESSORIAT,ENTERTAINMENT, POP MEW-SICK, EDUCATION and far too much of the JUDICIARY PUBLISHING, and far too much of the JUDICIARY and the LEGALCOMMUNITY in general.

      Then along came DONALD J. TRUMP with his bold, independent, SELF-FINDED determinatiin to OPPOSE, DEFY and UNSEAT all of that.

      Is it any wonder that he's met with such MASSIVE, UNCONTROLLED, VICIOUSLY UNPRINCIPLED OPPOSITION?

    5. Richard Nixon was rolling along securely in a second term when the SHTF. His fortunes took a sharp turn for the worse after he uttered this:

      "Nixon: But by God, they're exceptions. But Bob, generally speaking, you can't trust the bastards. They turn on us. "

      There is only one group that has the power to remove a country's elected leader, and as you mention "the third rail" it's a group that can never be identified without roiling the waters. Perhaps we can hope for a brighter future when the most powerful group on the planet meets it's just reward.

    6. Had Nixon not contributed heavily to his fall (his cover ups, firings, etc which I can eloborate more on if nessasary), blaming the media might have some credence.

      Likewise, blaming the media for the downfall of a man proven to believe he was above the law and held a disregard of the Constitution (Moore's judicial history) and a well known stalker of preteens, lacks credibility. He too was a product of his own demise.

      As I recall, the media was no friend to Jimmy Carter.

      Realistically, today's blaming of the media and the cry of "fake news" seems to only be generated from the Trump White House which much like Nixon, was an inarguably serial lying administration.

      But I can at least understand the Nixon and Trump stratagem as discrediting the media is rather dictatorship 101.

  2. Brace yourself for 2018. It's only going to get worse for the hapless, ball-less, strategery-less GOOP.

    1. The GOPRINO Establishment Works In A Bottomless Pit of Sheer Idiocy. Deal them 4 Aces, 4 Kings, 4 Queens and a Joker, and they will STILL manage to lose to the man holding a Yarborough Hand.

    2. Yup. The GOOPers would fall into a bucket of tits and come out sucking their thumbs

    3. Here's the saddest part of this, if you consider the shoulda, coulda woulda...

      President Trump's first week in office, Speaker Ryan and Leader McConnell meet with President Trump in the Oval Office and present him with their legislative agenda: Tax reform, immigration reform, infrastructure projects, rebuild the military...

      ...all things President Trump campaigned on. The GOP has the numbers in the House and Senate. They could have rammed this through like Grant took Richmond and left Pelosi, Schumer and their band of lefty screamers flattened on the side of the road. The swath of leftwing Democrat destruction left in their wake would have been worthy of a Ken Burns cinemascape.

      Instead, despite a record number of vulnerable Democrat Senators up for reelection in 2018, the GOP is staring down the barrel of catastrophic losses in the House and Senate, which WILL result in the impeachment of President Trump if DemonCraps get their Satanic claws on the levers of legislative powers.

      That outcome will also stop President Trump's appointment of conservative judges dead in its tracks.

      This, my dear friend FreeThinke, is why I do not come to these forums as a "Gung Ho partisan."

      Partisan to what?

      President Trump? A bombastic vulgarian who daily hands out ammo to his enemies? I don't waste my time defending reckless, stupid people who spend more time purposely offending as many people as possible instead of doing his damn job and upholding the dignity of the highest office in the land.

      Gung Ho partisan for the GOP?

      They don't know what they stand for, so how could I even support them?

      The GOP is a pathetic mixture of craven cowardice, crouching pandering, pompous self-righteousness, empty braggadocio, sterile theory lecturing, and gross incompetence all wrapped up in an irritating smugness topped off with tone-deaf messaging designed only to repulse people, turn them off, or actually anger them.

      One positive thing I can say about Democrats: They know how to craft policy and explain it to the American People. They know how to lead, govern and legislate. It's a pity their ideas are so horrible.

    4. Thanks, Silver, for providing a good comprehensive outline that helps greatly to prove a lot of what I've been trying to say all along –– namely that "Our Side" –– is NOT, and HAS NOT for many years been ON –– "Our Side."

      To ME all that has been painfully obvious for years. However, most, seem hopelessly oblivious.

      I must differ strenuously, however, with your derogatory evaluation of President Trump. I probably would have agreed wth you when he first entered the dampaign, BUT –– as I've said repeatedly for the past eighteen months –– SINCE I began to LISTEN to HIM (on C-Span where entire speeches may be heard unfiltered and free of "spin" and twisting by the ENEMEDIA) I became an ardent and unabashed supporter. I think he's a positive GENIUS with an enormous store of physical stamina and unswerving courage of his convctions. Because of the uniqueness of his position, I can't help but believe he is SINCERE in takng on tis enormous, largely thankless task.

      The more the filthy Creatures of The Swamp try to marshal their foul, foetid forces against him, the better I LIKE our remarkable president.

      DESPITE the tidal wave of vicious, unprincipled opposition, President Trump has had the effect of a much-needed SPRING TONIC on the nation.

  3. Wouldn't it be ironic if the votes not yet counted named Roy Moore the victor? Not that I necessarily believe that the uncounted votes will do any such thing.

    1. The ENEMEDIA-D'RAT-GOPRINO Establishm'ent would neve permit that to occur, AOW.

      We live in a land where those too-eager to grab control of the levers of power will literally LIE, CHEAT, STEAL and probably even KILL to gain their unholy objectives.

      Meanwhile (to quote Isaiah in Handel's Messiah), "All we like sheep have gone astray, we have turned every one unto his own way.And the Lord hath laid in Him the iniquity of us all."

      Is it really the INIQUITY of us all –– or the STUPIDITY?

      Not one of us knows enogh or is smart enough to be truly righteous. If any one thinks otherwise, he has "lifted up his soul unto Vanity and sworn Deceitfully."

  4. Wise words from Roger Simon

    The GOP needs to get its shit together, and the wild-eyed loonies need to realize there has to be some compromise.

    I know the proprietor of this blog has a well-aimed contempt for McConnell, but folks, he's not the enemy. Any political party, or group of people, is a patchwork, not a machine and not a lock-step drill team.

    All of President Trump's accomplishments, and they are manifold, have been by him and his team in the executive branch. He is remaking the federal judiciary, rolling back Obama's imperial decrees, and undoing or repairing the damage Obama did overseas.

    The GOOP and Trump better gird their loins for battle, because the Democrats will bring it. They are riding the #MeToo hysteria and it has social resonance with a large swath of the population.

    Show me a woman who hasn't been wolf-whistled, ogled, grossly propositioned or had her ass grabbed, and I'll show you a hermit.

    The next year will be a cacophonous Empty Barrel Drumming Circle accompanied by howling loonies and they are taking dead aim on the accusations against President Trump.

    If you hate politics now, just wait...

  5. I’m sorry but in this world you have to tke a stand. If there is one type of person that I really can’t trust or believe it’s someone who calls them selves an “Independent”
    Give me a friggen break, that’s like saying I only voted for Donald Trump because I didn’t like Hillary, otherwise I don’t like him!
    And for anyone that voted for Jones because of the bullcrap that has been floating in the water, I say, voting has it’s consequences.

    I hope some sanity will eventually return to American politics and that the poisonous rhetoric that we have had for the pat 8 years will quiet down. We have gotten through those miserable years along with Obama and Hillary and now we have th chance to as the President says, “Make America Great Again”. We’re all Americans, and we should begin acting like it. Neither party has all the answers, and compromise is NOT a dirty word.
    As for the Alabama election, I was for Moore because of his Conservative policies, and I was against Jones for the exact opposite reasons for his Progressive policies. .Time and time again we see the left, assume that Moore' was guilty with exactly ZERO evidence. Then they base this entire diatribe on why anyone would vote for the guy since he did what he did. We saw this with Bill Clinton and not one Democrat said a word, but they voted for him anyway.
    This was not the same situation that we had this time. Why weren’t Clinton's accusers believable, but Moore's are?
    People want us to believe that Moore is sexual harasser based on a completely unproven political attacks. There was evidence, no DNA evidence, no blue dress, sorry no cigar!
    In this country, you have to be charged before found to be guilty.
    It's nuts, it’s insane to find anyone guilty without any real proof or evidence . That’s how desperate they are.

    1. You echo very well what I've been trying to say for nearly three weeks, Mr. KIA.

      Unfortunately far too many people are either WEAK-MINDED and thus too easily influenced by the pervasiveness of the ENEMEDIA - OR - they are just BONE STUPID, and so SELFISH they can't think beyond themselves and their immediate wishes and desires.

      I think it was H.L. Mencken who said, "It's imossible to underestimate the intelligence of the American electorate," –– or words very much to that effect.

      However, I don't think you really meant to condemn anyone for being INDEPENDENT. Given the manifest idiocy in BOTH parties I decided several yeafrfs ago register that way, myself. I interpret what you said to be a strike at MODERATES. If that is the case, I have to AGREE with you.

  6. Hillary Clinton claimed that if Trump wins, the election Americans lives as we know it are going to die a slow, agonizing death !!!

    So who looks like a complete jackass now?
    Just many Americans have died in 2017 because of this improving economy?

  7. Doubtless Our Founders were considered "wild-eyed loonies" in their day.

    Jesus CHRIST was considered a "wild-eyed loony too, and was treated accordingly.

    "Our Constitution is in actual operation; everything appears to promise that it will last, but in this world nothing is certain but death and taxes."

    ~ Franklin (1706-1790)

    One of the Founders, –– unfortunately I forget which one –– said, something like this "We have given you a working republic –– IF you can KEEP it."

    "Faint heart never won fair lady," We've all heard that a thousand times, but as a genuine artist of proven capability with a good deal of solid academic and professional training under my belt, I can tell you that NO genuine Act of Creativity or Constructive Accomplishment was EVER brought to fruition by a TEPID, DISPASSIONATE approach. A powerful element of RADICALISM, –– even FANATICISM ––, is required.

    Here's Eliza Dooittle to tell you all about it. Her words. though delightful, ought never to be taken lightly.:

    Don't talk of stars
    Burning above
    if you're i love,
    SHOW ME!

    Don't say your heart's
    Filled with desire
    if you're on fire,
    SHOW ME!

    Anyone who'ever been in love
    Would tell you that
    This is no time for a chat!

    Don't talk of spring
    Don't talk of fall ––
    Don't talk at ALL ––
    SHOW ME!

    Never do I want to hear another word
    There isn't ONE I haven't heard.

    Here we are together in what ought to be a dream;
    Say one more word and I'll scream!

    Haven't your lips
    Longed for my touch"
    Don't say how much
    SHOW ME!

    SHOW ME!

    Why wait until
    Wrinkles and lines
    Pop out all over my brow?
    SHOW –– ME –– NOW!

    ~ Alan Jay Lerner (recollected)

    And remember too:

    The ungodly are not so, but are like the chaff which the wind driveth away."



    1. Is it Moore or Trump who is the most like Christ?

    2. EVERY TIME the "MOB" is stirred up by evil, self-serving manipulators to DESTROY a decent human being –– for whatever "reason" –– JESUS CHRIST is being CRUCFIED all over again.

  8. Hillary has been known as a liar long before Trump came on the scene.

    But lets ignore it......why?

    1. Why indeed? It's a good question, but the Establishment has let her run out the clock. The Clintins at this point are political DEAD MEAT.

      Meanwhile we have MUCH more IMPORTANT fish to fry.

      Try no tto forget that these "investrigations" serve only ONE useful purpose:

      To DERAIL, DETER, and indefinitely POSTPONE any kind of meaningful , decisive ACTION on the part of congress.

      BOTH parties use "INVESTIGATIONS" or two major reasons:

      A) Either to THWART the opposing party's agenda, because they honestly believe it BAD for the country,

      B) To make it impossible for the other party to be able to CLAIM CREDITfor smething bo]th KNOW would be GOOD for the country.

      Very sadly, the latter is far more pervasive than the former.

      I sum it up neatly this way:


  9. Gino "Lolo" Bridgehitter said

    The stinking mess in Alabama proves that Donald Trump's biggest mistake ... his only really big mistake as far as I am concernced ... so far was pulling that puddinhead Sessions out of the senate to make him AG. Sessions as AG has been a creep ... really scary. Someone's got to be blackmailing him. If not that, then he's been a snake in Trump's grass all along.

  10. Ickyrod Rosentain said

    5 Things to Know About Doug Jones´ Victory
    Over Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate Race

    PJ Media,

    by Tyler O´Neil

    On Tuesday, Democrat Doug Jones pulled off a stunning victory over Republican Roy Moore in Alabama. The race went down to the wire, but the Democrat prevailed. Here are five things to know about why Jones won, why Moore lost, and what it means for the future of the U.S. Senate and both parties.

    1. Character matters.

    According to NBC News exit polls, 49 percent of Alabama voters thought the sexual assault accusations against Roy Moore were "definitely" or "probably" true.

    Republicans and Democrats split on partisan lines — a whopping 82 percent of Republicans said the allegations were "probably" or "definitely" false _ _ _

    1. Ickyrod Rosentain said

      2. Steve Bannon's populism won't work.

      Conservative blogger Erick Erickson tweeted, "Tribalism fails." GOP strategist Rick Wilson added, "Steve Bannon is a cancer. Good people in Alabama were the first dose of chemo."

      “This is a brutal reminder that candidate quality matters regardless of where you are running," Senate Leadership Fund President and CEO Steven Law said in a statement Tuesday night. "Not only did Steve Bannon cost us a critical Senate seat in one of the most Republican states in the country, but he also dragged the President of the United States into his fiasco.” _ _ _

    2. Ickyrod Rosenstain said

      3. Write-ins could have decided the race.

      The race came so close, write-in ballots could have decided Jones' victory. Jones won with 49.9 percent of the vote, 671,151 votes. Moore still took 48.4 percent of the vote, 650,436 votes. A full 22,819 votes went to write-in candidates. It may be unreasonable to suggest every write-in voter might have pulled the lever for Moore, but if they had, the Republican would have won. _ _ _

      The liberal organization American Bridge suggested Republicans vote for Nick Saban, the popular University of Alabama football coach. At least a one voter said he wrote in the coach's name.

    3. Ickyrod Rosenstain said

      4. McConnell and establishment Republicans dodged a bullet.

      Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) urged Moore to step aside after the sexual assault allegations. As late as Tuesday, McConnell remained confident the U.S. Senate Ethics Committee would investigate the allegations against Moore should he win the election. There was a great deal of speculation as to whether, if Moore won, the Senate would even admit him.

      Senate Republicans feverishly scheduled a meeting for 10 a.m. Wednesday to discuss the issue, should Moore prevail. _ _ _

    4. Ickyrod Rosenstain said

      5. The Senate is not necessarily in play for 2018.

      Perhaps the most common "hot take" from Jones' victory was the claim that it puts the Republican majority in the U.S. Senate in serious jeopardy. _ _ _

    5. Gary Groper said

      Double win for Dems: A Senate win and an inept if not confused Attorney General Sessions who is frightened by Hillary & Obama. Sessions should have stayed in his Senate role rather than pretend he´s Attorney General.

    6. Waldo Ledbetter said

      t is my understanding that Obama was involved in Doug Jones campaign. Explains why Roy Moore was run through wringer. Remember Mark Kirk in the Illinois race? He was smeared by the divorce papers. This has the same smell.

      To all of you Alabamans who voted for Doug Jones: I hope you have lily white backgrounds because that is what was expected of Roy Moore.

      No more Clintons, no more Obamas, and no more Bushes. I am sick of these people who think they should continue ruling us peasants.

    7. Redd Hayter said

      So the repub voters of Alabama are willing to let the abortions begin! Thosepoor little babies are sentenced to death while Moore wasn't never charged or convicted of any them FAKE accusations. NICE!!!!

    8. I. Emma Mann said

      Well, the stage has been set. All the left has to do is find women who are willing to make allegations against any Republican who decides to run for office because as we have learned now, women always tell the truth about any kind of sexual impropriety and the media will do their best to support any allegation regardless of proof.

      Of course this new narrative only points in one direction. The dems have found a new cudgel with which to beat up any Republican candidate.

      When is the GOPe going to understand that the left is fighting ruthlessly for every seat and they intend by whatever dubious method to win. The sanctimonious GOPe are comfortable with this loss because they believe it will harm the President.

      Fat chance. We see right through their perfidy and stand firmly in support of PDT. There is a battle waging for the soul of this country and we know where the lines are drawn. This is not the end of Steve Bannon either. He, like Andrew Breitbart, understands the enemy and also the stakes as do we Deplorables. MAGA!

    9. I. P. Daley said

      What this election proves is that claims of anything sexual can and will sink a candidate whether they are true or not. It did not work against Trump, but that doesn´t mean they'reever going to stop.

      Meanwhile, Al Franken HAS to resign now.

    10. Gwladys Valjar Spewkesbucket said

      Moore has filed lawsuits against the two slanderers.

      Hope he takes them to court and cleans their clocks... including that Gloria Allred´s.

      But, sadly, what poster #10 said is true. Unproveable, ancient allegations work. It doesn´t matter if you put your dog on the car or bullied a long haired kid 40 years ago or some girl says that you respected her age of majority, like she respected your request for a date, 4 decades back. This means that the people who fought to free our country from the Brits, wrote the constitution, established the rule of law, and made this country a beacon of freedom in the world are now.


    11. Phaedra of Lesbos said

      Where the Alabama Republicans made their first mistake was to vote for Roy Moore over President Trump’s preferred candidate Luther Strange in the Alabama Republican primary election. It looks like local issues in Alabama caused that to happen.

      The second Alabama Republican mistake was to take the carpetbagger generated liberal Democrat bait by instead of voting for Moore in the election yesterday, to write in the names of other people on their ballots who had no chance of winning, and to effectively split the Republican vote. When that happed in the past the liberal Democrat usually won, and that was probably born out in Alabama yesterday.

      That result has nothing to do with the 2018 Senate races in other states. But Republican candidates in those Senate races had better be ready, because it is almost certain that the liberal Democrats will now be looking for women who will come forward during those campaigns to charge those Republican candidates with sexual abuse, now that they know it worked for the Democrats in Alabama yesterday.

    12. While I think it would have been better if the seat remained “Republican”, I don’t see this loss as a catastrophe.

      Moore has the warrior spirit but his previous wins saw him as being a stick-in-the-eye to political correctness and the Progressive-Communist agenda.

      His famous battles centered on the public display of the Ten Commandments and, although a praise worthy defense of God’s law, it has limited political currency.

      Moore didn’t run as a MAGA candidate. Jones does not serve a full term, and I think he will suffer the same fate that Scott Brown did in Massachusetts.

      Al Franken is probably even more disappointed than Judge Moore. Al was counting on the Moore win to leverage keeping his seat.

      The “why are you supporting a sexual predator” question is now back in the Dhimmi court, where it rightfully belongs.

      President Trump’s successful advancement of the MAGA agenda does not depend upon the senate seat in Alabama turning Dhim for a partial term.

      n all ikelihood Doug Jones will melt into The Swamp and be drained away with all the other scum at the appropriate time.

      The big fish-fry is warming up over at the DOJ and will commence with the IG’s special report. All things in their proper order according to The Builder’s Grand Plan. I trust in God. I also trust President Trump.

      Merry Christmas!

    13. Better a Democrat than another "Fredocon".

    14. Fredocons are simply Democrats in an elephant suit.

    15. But of course, Inspector! More than half the GOP is tainted thusly The blandishments of cultural Marxism are too string for the ignoranti and too strong for power hungry politicos NOT to exploit.

      REALITY is one TOUGH Son-of-a-Bitch. That's why nearly everyone in positions of pominence strives to DENY it, IGNORE it, CIRCUMVENT it, and brutally DEFEAT anyone who dares to stand up and try to ABIDE by it.

  11. It was pretty funny noting all the comments from defecrats cheering the special election win of a beady eyed rat defecrat. They got a long way to go to get to abuse America again.

    1. DEFECRATS! Love it, Kid.

      Going to add it to my list, if you don't mind.

      Meanwhile, dont you think Ak Franken ought to leave the senate and go immediately into GROPE THERAPY?


    2. Personally I think ALL politicians who have been credibly accused of sexual harassment, including Presidents, should leave office and immediately go into EXTREME SEXUAL HARASSMENT TRAINING & or GROPE THERAPY, or both.

    3. Better by far that a HUNDRED-THOUSAND murderers, rapists, kidnappers, thieves, blackmailers and vandals go free than that ONE innocent person be punished.

      "Beward of him in whom the instinct to punish is strong."

      ~ Friedrich WIlhelm Nietzsche (1844-1900)

  12. While Doug Jones won his victory was by one percent meaning Republicans who stayed home and didn’t vote shame on you...I hope you’re happy with the outcome

  13. The Truth Has Been SpokenDecember 14, 2017 at 7:51 AM

    Maybe it’s just an observation, but I think that that Conservative Woman age better than Liberals. Why? Because they are happier and not always angry and bitter than Liberal Women

  14. Although four women have now accused Al Franken Hypocrite Pervert of groping them at various times of his life.
    And although Al Franken said that he would resign, I say that he won’t resign because he is a Nazi Demo-rat socialist who told the world that he’s going to resign, but never said when!
    He did say that he was “embarrassed and ashamed,” and that’s effectively admitting his disgusting guilt, but like the creek he is and has always been I thing that he will never resign. He needs to be kicked out of office and thrown to the curb, like the rest of the garbage.
    This only shows how the Demo-rats are allowed to be sexual predators and perverts. And a big fat Pig at heart, who got away with sexually abusing women all his perverted life. Bill Clinton the serial Rapist President didn’t resign or leave the Presidency either when he got a “BJ” from a stupid Intern . I guess that Al Franken learned this behavior from JFK, Ted Kennedy and slick Willie Clinton.
    As long as these Perverts keep it up the Swamp dwellers will be draining themselves.

  15. Why are Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama still in the headlines of our newspapers and why are they still taling about making American policies?
    Damn them both, when the hell are they going to get off the stage and fade away?
    I am still reading that Hillary wants to import more than 200,000 of these unvetted, who-knows-who they are or where they came from Muslims to live in our cities and towns. And why does she want to do this, other than in the name of “diversity,” which is a crock of crap? These two dummies should not have any say about what the Trump Government does at all.

    Because, according to her and her ilk, these people are

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  17. OK, so Roy Moore lost, it was kind of expected so it’s not the end of the world.
    And it’s CERTAINLY NOT the end of Donald Trump,
    So, lets puck the ball and moving on now.
    No, not at all the end of the world. The fact that Moore came so close with the full force of the DNC, the GOP, the entire Media and the rest of the world coming down on him, I’d say that he didn’t really do so badly.

  18. Its the blacks what elected that damned left winger Jones, you cant deny that.

    1. NOPE! It was the WaPo HIT SQUAD and the Blacktivists who BRIBE the colored folks to vote and BUS 'EM to the polls promising free liquor for their trouble and extra food stamps. .

  19. Like him or not, No, Donald Trump Isn’t a Racist!
    Just because he wants to put a temporary ban of terrorist nation who are Muslims, does not make him a racist. Trump is actually trying to protect this nation, from having those savages come in to harm us. This is not racism. This is Trumps way of reminding us that we need to change our ways at any cost.

    But, you may be asking, isn’t it racist when he talks about banning Muslims from entering the U.S. and saying that illegal Mexican immigrants are rapists and criminals? Nope. Why? Because, number one, Muslims aren’t a race, and Mexico isn’t a race either.

    Yes, although I may agree that many of Trumps’s statements seem like racism but it’s not, pure and simply not. .
    However, if you want to talk about “Racist’s” Hillary Clinton tops the list...she has always been trying to cozy up to the Black Community and it’s highly offensive! She's the biggest racist there is and talks out of both sides of her mouth. Maybe some of you Liberals wants to play her game, but don’t fool yourselves. And thats whether you Want you to hear it or not!

  20. I think the one about disqualifying an Indiana born judge because of his, well, race, kinda throws cold water on your denial. I'd say him pardoning Sherriff Joe sealed the deal.

    There's a reason white supremacist, neo nazis, and the KKK are energized and delighted over Trump. And it's more than him just kissing their ass.

  21. Yes, although I may agree that many of Trumps’s statements seem like racism but it’s not, pure and simply not. .ทางเข้า D2BET



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