Saturday, December 16, 2017


At North Pole Workshop
Over Countless Years

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Mrs. Claus Files for Divorce

Reindeers Union to Strike on  Christmas Eve 

Mothers Up In Arms Demand Santa Be Jailed

Democrats Demand Special Prosecutor

Court Orders Santa to Attend Grope Therapy

Atheists Stage Anti-Xmas Rally on Mall

Masons Work Overtime to Seal Chimneys


  1. Replies
    1. Daphne de Mure said

      Both a Vagina AND a Penis. Chimneys do stick straight up in the air after all, don't they?

    2. Lime Rickey said

      Once there was a girl named Jill
      Who swallowed a nucear pill.
      They found her vagina
      In South Caroiina
      And one of tits in Brazil!

      POOR JILL!

    3. Lime Rickey said

      Said the teen as the Bishop withdrew,
      "My dear sir, I'm afraid this won't do,
      For the Vicar is slicker,
      And thicker and quicker ––
      And longer and stronger –– than you!”

    4. Once there was a girl named Jill
      Who swallowed a nucear pill.
      They found her vagina
      In South Caroiina
      And one of tits in Brazil!

      LOL! Mr. AOW has committed this to memory so to recite this limerick at the bar at the American Legion (and many other venues).

    5. Good, but please be aware that our Rickey left out a significant word in the last line.

      I should read "And one of her tits in Brazil!"

      Merry Christmas! <);^}> Ho Ho Ho!

  2. Seeing humor in this it is also troubling. I'll leave it at that.

    1. NOT seeing humor in it is far MORE troublng, Les.

      The current furor over "Sexual Misconduct" is a LUNATIC FARCE –– a monstrously unwholesome FAD –– that deserves nor ONE scintialla of serious attention.

      A revival of the horrors of Mediaeval Supersistion and the Salem Witch Trials Revisited.conjured up for purely political purposes has now become an uncontrollable brush fire that threatens to iconsume all the arable land we have left and tir it to ashes and soot.

      Each rabble-rousing louse
      Should 'neath these words be pinned:
      "He that trubleth his own house
      Shall inherit the wind."

    2. Not seeing humor in the modern day witch hunt speaks loudly

    3. In what way, Rusty? We welcome your expanded thoughts.

    4. Well FT the recent rash of "sexual incedents" either real or fabricated have reached the point of a good chuckle. Of course actual sexual harassment should be delt with in the most harsh manner allowed by law. As with anything the left begins to chew on they usually take it to the extreme where it just becomes both cheap and laughable

    5. GOTCHA! I agree, and thanks, Rusty!

  3. Good one!

    I have to echo Les. While this post is witty and makes me laugh, it is also a disturbing sign of the unhinged times we are living through.

    1. If it made you laugh, I'm glad. That's an encouraging sign, but why would it also disturb you?

      As doubtless you have already gathered, it would disturb ME, if no one realized how outrageously comical this entire brouhaha over "Sexual Misconduct" really is.

      It's every bit as asinine as suggesting that Masculinity, itself, should be declared "unlawful," or that Eros should be treated as nonexistent.

      Following that would doubtless be a revival of the foolish Augustinian notion that PROCREATION is the only proper context for sex, and that all other forms of sexual gratification are inherently sinful and should be strictly forbidden and severely punished if discovered. Even MASTURBATION must be defined once again as "SELF-ABUSE."

      I have seen for several decades now that we, as a people, are virtually HYPNOTIZED by the ENEMEDIA into believing whatever cockamamie, self-injuring, good-sense-annihilating notion they want us to embrace at any given moment.

      Because of the all-pervasive influence of Mass Communication brought to us courtesy of Technology –– and its inevitable MISAPPLICATION by power-crazed Moguls and Evil Geniuses –– few of us are aware that, as a people, we have been transformed into marionettes –– mere trend-followers –– mindless automata –– to be toyed with at will by Master Manipulators who don't intend to perform good works on anyone's behalf save their own.

      Why else would you think we, as a people, have been subjected a systematic "Dumbing Down Process" by the Educational Establishment working in conjunction with the Entertaiment, News, Information Disseminaton, Publishing Industries and the Legal Community?

      The more ignorant, misinformed and less sophisticated people are, the easier they are to subjugate.

      The only hope I can think we have of to fighting this effectively is to do what the LEFT has done to US for well over a hundred years?

      And what is that, you might want to ask?

      Why to MOCK, SNEER, DERIDE, JEER, LAMPOON, PARODY, SATIRIZE, TREAT with WITHERING SCORN, absolute CONTEMPT and complete adamant DENIAL everything the LEFT would like us to take seriuously.

      Since, as I truly believe, the Left long ago dedicated itself to the zealous service of SATAN, we, who like to think of ourselves as decent, even godly men, cannot afford EVER to COMPROMISE with them.



      But I much prefer the application of constant, tongue-in-cheek mockery and sarcasm to the brutality of all-out war.

    2. This post is not disturbing. I should have stated it better. It is witty and funny, and it is also a commentary on the unhinged times we are living through.

    3. It was Les who said he found it so. I thougnt you were concurring with him. Forgive me if I misunderstood. It's much too easy to do in this bizarre electronic universe.

    4. Lime Rickey said

      Three times the guy said what her ass meant.
      Her rejections became an entassment.
      But no harm was done
      It was all in good fun,
      But the bitch now claims Sexual Harassment!

    5. Miss Lavinia Parkinson said

      I think you went a little too far with that ine, Rickey. Having an unwanted suitor foist lewd comments on you about the supposed characteristics of your ass is not only VULGAR it is both UNCONSCIONABLE and INSUPPORTABLE.

    6. You're going straight to HELL when you die, you miserable excuse for a human being. Satan should read back to you your horrible horrible comments (like the one above) as he pokes you with his pitchfork (as you rotate on a spit over a burning pyre). I predict that Satan laughs loudly when he gets to the part where you refer to yourself as "godly".

    7. My My My! As bad as all that, eh? Well, all I can do is wish YOU a Merry Christmas too!

      I hope you are able to recover your good spirits –– and gain a better sense of perspective –– in time for the Big Day.

      Ill will can make your body ill, you know.

  4. "This world is a comedy to those who think and tragedy to those who feel."

    ~ Horace Walpole (1717-1797)

    1. ...and to those who think and feel, it is a tragicomedy.

      “Man is said to be a reasoning animal. I do not know why he has not been defined as an affective or feeling animal. Perhaps that which differentiates him from other animals is feeling rather than reason. More often I have seen a cat reason than laugh or weep. Perhaps it weeps or laughs inwardly — but then perhaps, also inwardly, the crab resolves equations of the second degree.”
      ― Miguel de Unamuno, Tragic Sense of Life

    2. Yes, but the Scottsh Philsopher Davd Hume, an agnostic, is famous for having observed that "Reason is naught but the slave of Passion" –– or words very much to that effect.

      Said the Scorrish Philsopher Hume,
      As plunged into womb after womb,
      "Egad it is smashin'
      This surfeit of Passion ––
      A sure cure for Boredom and Gloom!"

      ~ Gesshoo ];^}>

    3. "Reason is naught but the slave of Passion"

      The entire sweep of humankind bears witness to that.

    4. Yes, and I would argue that many of weighty tomes that attempt to explain the "true nature of reality" have been ;argely an exercise in futility, and, therefore, not worth my time trying to explore in any depth.

      Doubtless a lazy attitude on my part. On my serious side, however, I believe I may have compensated by making a lifelong exploration of Bach, Scarlatti, Soler, Hadyn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Chopin, Schumann, Brahms, Lisz, Wagner, Richard Strauss, Gustav Mahler, Hugo Wolf, and the French composers Fauré, Satie, Debussy, Ravel, Duruflé, Marcel Dupré, the Spaniarfds, Tomas Luis Vittoria, Enrique Granados, Ernesto, Lecuona, Juachin Rodriguez well as the Russians Moussorgsky, Tchaikovsky. Rachmannoff, Scriabin. Ligturgial Music and Choral literature, and much more.

      It would take more than ten very full lifetimes to explore so-called classical Music Literature in its entirety.

      Too bad we can't all live at least ten thousand years, isn't it? ;-)

    5. What is disturbing FreeThinke is the truth that there actually does exist sexual harassment in our heretofore all too forgiving culture. Perhaps more frequently than we often wish to acknowledge.

      However, the flip side to this is in understanding the potential for abuse by individuals seeking either revenge, monetary gain, or political gain.

      It is a slippery slope, but one worth navigating. Assuming those doing the navigating are rationally equipped to do so.

    6. It sounds a though you may have had some personal experience with this that upset you greatly, Les. If so, I'm sorry, but such cases are rare, and have NO CREDIBILITY WHATSOEVER when suddenly EMPLOYED by cnicl manupulative forces for political purposes.

      At any rate, I have never been much interested in PUNISHMENT. I'm far more in favor of RESTITUTION to victims where theft, property damage or physical injury is concenred.

      This "SEXUAL HARASSMENT" thing is too nebulous to deal with rationally.

      As I've said hefore here and elsewhere many times, I'd rather see a THOUSAND MURDERERS go free, than to have ONE innocent person sent to the gallows.

    7. Lime Rickey said

      Whjile Titian was mixing rose madder
      His model climbed up on a ladder
      Her position to Titian
      Sugested coition,
      So he climbed up the ladder and had 'er!

    8. Personal experience FreeThinke? I suppose you could say that. As a plant manager with the responsibility for ensuring personnel policies of the corporation I worked were enforced, including allegations of sexual harassment, I gained a modicum of experience with this issue.

      My experience informs me sexual harassment does indeed exist to a degree, albeit possibly to a lesser degree than some believe. There are cases of alleged sexual harassment without merit.

      Having said the foregoing I continue to maintain raising awareness of this issue is both appropriate and right.

    9. Go right ahead. It's your prerogative, but I am quite certain that when it comes to POLITICS or MONEY it's a false issue. "SEXUAL HARASSMENT" is a WEAPON contrived by Feminazis and happily emloyed by the Left to gain and wield political power ILEGITIMATELY.

      So-called "Victims" in these cases are often one of three things:

      1. Power Grabbers
      2. Money grubbers
      3. Attention Whofres

      Sometimes they may qualigy as any two –– or even all three ––, but to pretend –– DECADES AFTER some untoward incident ALLEGEDLY happened that some self-styled "VICTIM" has been "IRREPARABALY DAMAGED" just in time to mar a candidate's chances of winnng an election is as ABSURD as it is IGNOBLE

      The allegations against Roy Moore just did NOT pass the SMELL TEST.

    10. That may be so FreeThinke, but, I left Roy Moore's alleged past sexual behaviors behind a couple weeks ago.

      Sexual misbehavior allegations aside, Roy Moore IMNHO possesses exudes plenty of smell related to policy positions.

      But really? Time to move on, as Trump essentially said with his remarks urging Moore to concede.

    11. There's an important PRINCIPLE involved in this issue, Les.

      What we most earnestly despise, deplore, ardently eschew, and roundly CONDEMN are the cynical, hypocritical, manipulative, exploitative, thoroughly disingenuous TACTICS that were USED AGAINST HIM.

      The difference is not subtle. Roy Moore, himself, may not matter all that much. [I, personally, would never have chosen him as a candidate], but the absolutely FOUL TREATMENT he received by the vicious, unprincipled, possibly deranged JACKALS who control the ENEMEDIA in league with the DNC is "AN ISSUE that SHOULD LIVE iN INFAMY" till the day it is finally resolved in favor of HONOR, DECENCY and FAIR PLAY.

  5. "Of all the sexual aberrations, chastity is the strangest."

    ~ Anatole France (1844-1924)

    1. Lime Rickey said

      A frigid young belle named McMath
      Entertained a young stud in her bath,
      She thought "Not much hope!"
      Till he twisted the soap,
      Then she went through the plaster and lath!

    2. Dalilah Sampson said

      Oh Rickey, quelle image! You really are a rascal, aren't you? But I have to say I like your style.

  6. "It's your outlook on life that counts. If you take yourself lightly and don't take yourself too seriously, pretty soon you can find the humor in our everyday lives. And sometimes it can be a lifesaver. "

    ~ Betty White (born in 1922 and still going strong)

  7. Humor is mankind's greast blessing"

    ~ Mark Twain (1835-1910)

  8. "The scariest person in the world is the one with no sense of humor."

    ~ Michael J. Fox

    1. A. Wiley Roguenstadter said

      Someone needs to tell that to that Registered Nurse.

  9. "Imagination was given to man to compensate him for what he is not; a sense of humor to console him for what he is."

    ~ Francis Bacon

  10. "Humor is a serious thing. I like to think of it as one of our greatest earliest natural resources, which must be preserved at all cost."

    ~ James Thurber

    1. Lime Rickey said

      An aggressive old dyke from Khartoum
      Took a Lesbian up to her room,
      But they spent the whole night
      In a terrible fight
      As to who whould do what and to whom!

      ~ Over Sexteen (1951)

  11. Newspaper people, once celebrated as founts of ribald humor and uncouth fun, have of late lost all their gaiety, and sense of wonder. "

    ~ Russell Baker

    1. Dominick and Katie O'Beirne-Ranelagh said

      That's what happens when a surfeit of communist dogma and airheaded fake idealism permeates a cuture, Russell.

  12. Humor is part of what saves us from despair.

    ~ John Perry Barlow

  13. Please. All this hubub over sexual harassment is merely another way to make female shoppers buy certain cultural-capitally kosher products with the advertising line "no women were sexually abused during the filming of this Hollyweird production. Lisa Bloom learned this learned from PETA, her mother (Gloria Alred), and Starbucks. :P

    1. Meanwhile, corporations will be falling over themselves to discriminate against men in the pursuit of the most "vaginocentric" corporate image.

    2. YUP! Every bit of this obviously-contrived-but-deadly NONSENSE is part of a Leftist Plot to foment confusion and dissension in the ranks, thence a Power Vacuum that ambitchous Feminazi's long to fill.

    3. Farmer, you are mordantly funny, and right.

    4. Of course Farmer's right, and the whole SEX thing IS funny, because there isn't a sllable of si[ncerity in ANY of it. Farmer's statement also supports my long-held, oft-expressed contention that the evil practices the Left so eagerly attribute to "Big Busines" came about as a DEFENSE against the Government's ever-increasing Intrusion and Encroachment on the prerogatives of Business. This began more than a hundred years ago with TR's uncinstitutional Trust Busting, then got worse and worse with the New Deal and beyond.

      Because of Government's ferocious ATTACK on Business, Business really had no choice but to become PART of the government.

      Had this not occufrred, Business would have been NATIONALIZED long ago, and we would have succumbed totally to Marxian ideas. Unfortunately, in amalgamating itself with Government Business developed a construct inimical to te best interests of us all.

      The ROOT CAUSE, however, was the advent of Progressivism, which I see as a quasi or crypto-Marxist ideology –– i.e. increased Centralized Power. increased Interference, Intervention and Supervision in private affairs, etc.

  14. "Humor is the affectionate communication of insight."

    ~ Leo Rosten

  15. In the last analysis, even the best man is evil: in the last analysis, even the best woman is bad.
    -- Nietzsche

    1. Nietzsche is a hard man to like. I find him our, cynical, and embittering to the point of being downright depressing.

      From the very little I have gathered about him he was anything-but a Christian. Of course that is equally true of many who have claimed to be GREAT Christians.

      If Nietzche was right, I guess I don't want to know it.

      I tend more towards philanthropy

      Than I do misanthropy.

      Do you really think Nietzsche
Has anything useful to teach ya?


We're in the only place

      To which we could belong.

      Must it be naught but a race

      Between the weak and strong?

      Where nothing is a sin,

      And bullies always win?


I'm sorry to report
By way of a retort

      That what Nietzsche has to tell

      Perfectly defines Hell.


Now, take me to my hearse;
I've done with ragged verse!

      ~ FreeThinke

    2. Nietzsche was an anti-Christian who preached a selfish morality of survival and triumph of the fittest, a proto-Ayn Rand. He saw Christian morality as a malign system that empowered the Untermensch to shackle the übermensch, all to the detriment of society.

      That is my superficial understanding of it. I detest both him and that crabby, turgid witch Ayn Rand.

      I'm sure Farmer can step in and set us all straight.

      Although I'm not a Nietzsche fan, I like those quotes. He was a basket case and inept with women, so I don't know how he gained such insights.

    3. So, we agree on Nietzsche. I must say, however, that I believe INSIGHT to be spiritual and therefore incorporeal. It has little to do with any of our physical attributes or mundane transactions. It's intangible, and therefore, mysterious, but certainly a very real part of whatever it might be that makes us human.

    4. That may be true, Les, but it didn't stop her from sharing many of the same unpleasant, downright repugnant characteristics Nietzche had with him.

      I remember her very well from the days she first appeared on the scene in New York. Even as a child I got a strong impression that Ayn Rand (she pronounced it ANN by the way) was grim, humorless, charmless, deeply unpleasant, rather conceited individual.

      Later on, I learned to respect the basic thrust of her anti-collectivist economic policies, but always felt there was a vital ingredient missing in everything she produced.

      The absence of affection and warmth mars the credibiluity of even the most brilliant individuals.

      I may be foolish, but I could never bring myself to "follow" anyone I could not LIKE.

    5. Nietzsche’s father, uncle, and grandfathers were all Lutheran pastors, but Nietzsche’s father died when he was 4 years old, and his brother died a few months later. Nietzsche was raised by his mother and sister, was sent to a highly prestigious boarding school in Germany, and at the age of just 24 accepted a position to teach classical philology (the study of classical Greek and Latin texts) at the University of Basel in Switzerland. Nietzsche taught there for 10 years, but his job was interrupted by military service, during which he received a serious injury. His health in general was not good, and he had to resign from his teaching post.

      Nietzsche was worried about what a disbelief in G_d (the death of G_d) would lead to (nihilism). He hoped that if people looked at the implications, they would realize that without an "afterlife", one should concentrate on doing the most with the life one was given. He disliked the "common man" and considered him a bit of a "slacker", not willing to endure pain and suffering to achieve a better life. He particularly disliked journalists, who substituted a grand narrative from the perspective of an hourly wage earner, for that of an aristocracy.

    6. Amid Birds of Prey

      Whoever tends to descend here,
      How quickly
      The depths swallow them! —
      But you, Zarathustra,
      Still love the abyss —
      Do you, just as the spruce?

      Its roots shoot down, where
      The rock itself tremors
      Gazing into the depths —
      It tarries at abysses,
      Where everything around
      Tends to fall:
      Amid the impatience
      Of the rough boulders and torrential streams
      Patiently enduring, firm, silent,
      Solitary ...

      Who would even venture
      To be a guest here,
      To be your guest? ...

      A bird of prey perhaps:
      who might well hang,
      the steadfast patient sufferer,
      Gloating delightfully in its coat,
      With mad laughter,
      A bird of prey's laughter ...

      Why so steadfast? —
      Cruelly, it scoffs:
      One must have wings, if one loves the abyss ...
      One must not remain suspended,
      Like you, hanged one! —

      Oh Zarathustra,
      Cruelest nimrod!
      Recently still a hunter of God,
      The snare of all virtue,
      The arrow of evil!
      Now —
      Hunted by yourself,
      Your own prey,
      Bored into yourself ...

      Now —
      Alone with yourself,
      Paired in your own knowledge,
      Amid a hundred reflections
      Before your false self,
      Amid a hundred dubious
      Weary from every hurt,
      Chilled by every frost,
      Strangled by your own rope,

      Why did you bind yourself
      With the rope of your wisdom?
      Why did you seduce yourself
      Into the paradise of the ancient serpent?
      Why did you crawl into yourself
      In you—into you?

      An invalid now,
      One who is sick from snake venom;
      A prisoner now,
      One who drew the hardest lot:
      In your own shaft
      Laboring bent over,
      Excavating yourself,
      Digging into yourself,
      Without aid,
      A corpse —
      Overpiled by a hundred burdens,
      By your overburdens,
      One in the know!
      A self-knower!
      The wise Zarathustra! ...

      You sought the heaviest burden
      Yet found yourself —
      Cannot cast off yourself from you ...

      One who no longer stands upright!
      You are deeply rooted in your tomb,
      Tangled spirit! ...

      And yet recently so proud,
      Upon all your stilted pride!
      Recently still the godless hermit,
      The co-settler with the devil,
      The scarlet prince of all arrogance! ...

      Now —
      Between two voids
      One who is twisted,
      A question mark,
      A weary enigma —
      An enigma for birds of prey ...

      They'll certainly "dissolve" you,
      They no doubt hunger after your "dissolution,"
      Indeed they flutter about you, their enigma,
      Around you, hanged man! ...
      Oh Zarathustra! ...
      Self-knower! ...
      Self-hangman! ...

    7. Obviously a sensitive soul with brilliant mind and poetic insight who must have been terribly misundersood as a child, misguided, and therefore, psychologically abused.

      If that were not so, why else would he have developed such a twisted, horror-stricken, cynical, vituperative Weltanschauung –– and why else was his poor life so utterly miserable?

      He was certainly correct, however, in being concerned about the emergence of Nihilism born of Cynicism as a consequence of discouraging –– or even daring to question the existence of –– Almighty God.

      The way we treat GOD is a lot like the was we treat Constitution. Everyone TALKS about it, but few KNOW it.

      One of many possible metaphysical synonyms for GOD –– aside from Life, Truth, Love, Principle, Mind, Soul and Spirit –– would be CONSCIENCE.

      Please don't imagine for an instant that genuine Christian faith has anything to do with mere "Pollyannaism." It does not, although that beloved portrait of a sweet child whose presence has a tonic effect on everyone she meets carries within it the SEEDS of a more mature Christian faith.

      In order to ACHIEVE faith, one must ACT AS IF one already HAD it.

      THERE'S a charming oxymoron for ya! };^)>

      I know too that one must continuously STRUGGLE within oneself to KEEP one's faith, MAINTAIN it, and help it GROW. That, of course, is the point of Bible-study, prayer, meditation, and church attendance, etc.

      It is inky whenS ELF-RIGHTEIUSNESS comes out amidst these endeavors that "Christians" betray their faith, give it a bad name, and go hopelesslhy awry.

    8. "To come to be what you are not,
      You must go by a way in which you are not."

      -- St. John of the Cross

  16. "The true man wants two things: danger and play. For that reason he wants woman, as the most dangerous plaything."
    -- Nietzsche

    1. I have to admit that DOES have a somewhat humorous aspect.

      I doubt, however, that Friedrich meant it to be funny. Poor chap, had such an utterly miserable life! Hardly a convincing example of the salubrious nature of his personal philosophy.

      By their fruits shall ye know them," and all that.

      But I have to confess to being a lightweight in these matters. I've never been able to permit myself to be attracted to anything that appears harsh, cynical, unforgiiving, sordid, discouraging, depressing or enervating, It's why I harbor such deep and abiding contempt for the Left.

      But then I feel very strongly something dark, inherently morbid and self-destructive emerged in Europe –– particularly among German philosophers –– in the mid-to-late nineteenth-century. That this appeared simultaneously with the magnificent, energizing, divinely-inspired, warmly humane, empathetic, insightful, intensely brilliant music of Beethoven, Brahms, Wagner, Richard Strauss and Gustav Mahler is a mystery, because this great MUSIC seems so terribly at odds with the trending THOUGHTS of the time –– though Mahler, particularly, expresses a heightened degree of pathos and gathering a greater degree than the others, but it's incredible BEAUTY transcends any feeling of discouragement.It only inspires empathy for the human condition.

      I do see the darkness, heaviness and morbidity, however, in the architecture, furniture, decor, and womens fashions of the period, however.

      It seems the brillaince and beautify of The Enlightenment was short-lived.

      I believe the expanding horizons of Optimism and a sense of Unlimited Freedom was cut short and tragically diminished by the emerging dominance of the MACHINE AGE –– i.e. the Industrial Revolution.

      We exchanged the tyranny of an outmoded theocracy and aristocracy for the despotism of Industrialization –– dark satanic mills and all that

      I suppose mankind cannot exist without some sort of gargantuan HORROR to combat.

      Jesus showed us the way out of all that, but two-thousand years after His Death and Resurrection we are still as determined as ever to crucify Him over and over and over again.

      The twentieth century was THE most violent by far in all recorded history by far. Progress in Science, Engineering, Technology and Medicine hasn't really help all that much, has it?

      Prayer, Music, Art, Literature, Poetry, Architecture both public and domestic, museums, home decor, antique furniture and all that goes with those things have been been my salvation.

      Like Miniver Cheevy I was born too late. };^)>

    2. Well-stated. I can add nothing to your comment.

  17. "If women didn't exist, all the money in the world would have no meaning." - Aristotle Onassis

  18. There is plenty of sincerity there, unfortunately it's all been hijacked for ideological purposes.

    Real abuse does occur and always has. A well-ordered society acknowledges that and develops mores and standards that encourage good behavior.

    The Ten Commandments and all the other Biblical admonishments are an acknowledgement that we are fallen people. If we didn't lust after our neighbor's wife there would be no reason for a commandment against it.

    It's funny in a way... God-hating libertines enjoy poo pooing religious injunctions and Judeo-Christian morality, but if you read the early writings, these were earthy people very well acquainted with real life and human nature in all its glory and sinfulness.

    So, I find it funny now to see leftwing libertines who have been preaching id-driven carnality suddenly wake up and attempt to impose their ramshackle sense of morality.

    I've been telling the agnostics and atheists for years... Fine and good if you want to remove God from the public square, but what will you replace Him with?

    As wise people of the past have observed, before tearing down a wall, you should understand why it was built in the first place.

    1. YES, indeed, Silver! You and I are thinking very closely along the same or similar lines on this nettlesome issue.

      Everything is a long chain of Action-Reactiin, Cause and Effect, isn't it?

      At tje same time the Pendulum, is always swaying between various extreme sof one ind of another too.

      Kinda makes me dizzy to think too much about it.

    2. It's just all so, nevermind.

      Christianity as preached by the accepted dogma of organized religion is nauseating for many, including me. True spirituality is something all together different. Perhaps one day this will be understood.

      Open the heart to unconditional love and acceptance without judging is healthy for mind and body. And that doesn't mean be blind or stupid.

      I'll leave it right there.

    3. All things good, all thing fair,
      All things beautiful everywhere
      Cme o earth from Above
      From Our Father's Heart of Love!

      God IS Spirit. God IS Life, God IS Love. God IS Truth. Truth IS Beauty.

      God is All-in-All –– Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent..

      And as Keats said, "That is all we can know, and all we need to know."

      I believe that with all my heart, but it would never occur to me to INSIST that anyone ELSE believe it too. If they don't, it is THEIR loss, not MINE.

      I am only grateful to have been given the Gift of Faith. Without it I would have succumbed to anguish and despair long ago and probably would not have survived.

      No, I would never want to try to IMPOSE my beliefs on anyone. I only want to try to SHARE them.

      "Conversions" at Sword's Poin on Pain of Death are ungodly and utterly worthless.

      What I object to most strenuously is the current vogue aggressive atheists, and godless leftists have adopted for STIFLING and doing everything possible to STAMP OUT, and OBLITERATE all traces of everything that has made MY life –– and the lives of countless others –– wortwhile.

      I wish everyine could see –– as I have dine for several decades now –– that ANY form of Aggressive, Self-Righteous Efforts to TRICK, BULLY and HARASS others into CONFORMING to ANY particular Ethos, Creed, Dogma, Philosophy or Ideology is possibky THE most potent form of EVIL we must meet in our earthly existence.

    4. 👍👍👍

      I completely concur. Your closing paragraph FreeThinke actually is quite in alignment with my own beliefs. Thank you for expressing your thoughts so well..

    5. Les, I am not picking a fight, but I tire of hearing
      people criticize Christianity while billowing puffy clouds of "unconditional love and acceptance without judging."

      Every person and every society judges the actions of others against their standards; every person and every society has standards.

      The Christian admonishment "judge not," doesn't mean to not judge the actions of other; it means to judge them fairly. All over the Gospels, Jesus tells his followers to examine actions of other and judge trees by their fruits, etc.

      Indeed, to keep ourselves out of trouble, we must constantly judge. I doubt you, Les, would go out with a pack of philanderers to strip clubs and other dens of iniquity looking for wild women. I know you would judge such actions to be wrong.

      Should such behavior be "accepted without judging?"

      Unconditional love is a separate and distinct issue. You can dearly love your child while hating and refusing to accept her drug use and irresponsible behavior that is detrimental to her children and her marriage.

      A society that passes not judgments and accepts everything unconditionally is a society soon to collapse.

    6. I u.nderstand how you feel abytLes's amorphous sense that good will and e;thical conduct" is it takes to 'bring in the millennium," what I want to repeat what I said to him about my OWN understanding of what it means to be at one with the Holy Spirit. You my not like it, because it differs greatly from the Roman Catholic Catechism, but I'll repeat it anyay just so there is no misunderstanding about where I stand –– or TRY to. ;-)

      All things good, all thing fair,
      All things beautiful everywhere
      Cme o earth from Above
      From Our Father's Heart of Love!

      God IS Spirit. God IS Life, God IS Love. God IS Truth. Truth IS Beauty.

      God is All-in-All –– Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent..

      And as Keats said, "That is all we can know, and all we need to know."

      I believe that with all my heart, but it would never occur to me to INSIST that anyone ELSE believe it too. If they don't, it is THEIR loss, not MINE.

      I am only grateful to have been given the Gift of Faith. Without it I would have succumbed to anguish and despair long ago and probably would not have survived.

      No, I would never want to try to IMPOSE my beliefs on anyone. I only want to try to SHARE them.

      "Conversions" at Sword's Poin on Pain of Death are ungodly and utterly worthless.

      What I object to most strenuously is the current vogue aggressive atheists, and godless leftists have adopted for STIFLING and doing everything possible to STAMP OUT, and OBLITERATE all traces of everything that has made MY life –– and the lives of countless others –– wortwhile.

      I wish everyine could see –– as I have dine for several decades now –– that ANY form of Aggressive, Self-Righteous Efforts to TRICK, BULLY and HARASS others into CONFORMING to ANY particular Ethos, Creed, Dogma, Philosophy or Ideology is possibky THE most potent form of EVIL we must meet in our earthly existence.

      [NOTE: I addition I do wish Blogger permitted us to answer each other DRECTLY as DISCUS did. This business of having io SKIP OVER and blitheky OGNORE copiouss remarks made in earnest by others in prder to answer a point far above gives an inordinate appearance of rudesnss and lack of consideration that is probably not intended. DSQUS was most unsymapteid to osting vers, but was superior in most oter ways to klutzy old Blogger.].


    7. I don't know that anything you said conflicts with a Catholic understanding of God.

      I also share your belief that forcing others to "believe" at the point of a sword is not only wrong, it is ineffective and I believe runs counter to God's wishes. Jesus did not come wielding a sword and mowing down unbelievers.

      What I do take issue with is the gauzy, all-to-easy unconditional acceptance and empty refusals to judge. As soon as some action smashes the toe of one of those blithe non-judgmental types they howl in condemnation, which must logically be preceded by a judgment.

    8. Sorry Silverfiddle that you choose to misunderstand my views. I will not belabor myself attempting to explain them for it obviously would be a fools errand to do so.

      Suffice it to say I have no problem with Christ or his ministry, I simply do not accept the organized religion and its views in lockstep. And, I indeed have a problem with pompous .......'s trying to force their belief system down the throats of those with different belief systems.

      My spirituality is different than yours, it's simple, you see? I accept yours, I highly doubt you accept mine.

    9. 👍👍👍

      I completely concur. Your closing paragraph FreeThinke actually is quite in alignment with my own beliefs. Thank you for expressing your thoughts so well..

      Note my response to FreeThinke, then contemplate the meaning of my words. You need not respond.

    10. Les, I did not criticize your spirituality. I pointed out the vacuity of "unconditional love and acceptance without judging" as preached by pop culture. If you would climb down for a minute and reread my comment, you would see I consider you a moral man, and part of your morality is judging right from wrong, rejecting the wrong path and walking the right one.

    11. Since you chose to reply I shall follow suit.

      My comment, (as indicated in your opening response to me obviously upset or offended you) was not directed as a critical statement at the spirituality that without question can be found in Christianity. It was directed at organized religion, it's vertical power structure, it's all too evident hypocrisy, and at its worst history of bloodshed.

      My final sentence Silverfiddle was And that doesn't mean be blind or stupid. May I suggest you revisit the entire exchanges between FreeThinke, myself, and you. It might require you climb down for a moment.

      BTW, I appreciate you acknowledging my character as being a moral one. Few on the right do these days. Perhaps that is because doing the Right Thing is for me far more important than Just Being On The Right.

    12. No offense taken, Les.

      I don't like empty pieties, regardless whether they emanate from religious or non-religious sources.

      I am not accusing you of this, but many on the dictatorial left who feign an "its all cool" attitude come down like a ton of bricks in a very judgmental way on those who voice dissent from their orthodoxy.

  19. Freethinker is right. Women enjoy being ogled and a nice slap on the ass every now and them, not to mention a good role in the hay with a sweaty virile man. This sexual harrassment hogwash is all horse shit.

    1. SHHHHHHHHH!!! Don't ever say that within earshot of a Feminazi. You'll get hauled into court faster than you can say, "Betty Friedan."

      We're all supposed to mince around now like a bunch of scared rabbits with our hands in our pockets, and our dicks tucked into our buttholes.


  20. Lime Rickey said

    A desperate old dyke named Denise
    Felt a need for erotic release,
    So she rubbed her pudenda
    With the smooth shiny enda
    The pretty pink nose of her niece!

  21. _________ The Wages of Sin _________

    Dreary and confounding though it be
    Each nubile female must be made to face
    A battery of choices seriously ––
    The wrong one could bring sorrow and disgrace.
    Harvesting the crop from seeds we sow
    Our choice to gratify ourselves might win
    Fearful consequences, if we fail to show
    Awareness of the pain that follows sin.
    Zygotes inadvertently conceived
    Yield far-reaching complications dire.
    Gestation offers duties unrelieved,
    Or the alternative –– the prospect of hellfire.
    The choice to live life loosely takes a toll
    Excluding most things charming, fun and droll.

    ~ FreeThinke

  22. Those are the Santa's from the U.N.

  23. FT,
    Check your email for a photo I sent. **smile**

    1. It's adorable. Thanks!

      <);^}> (That's a Santicon in case you didn't know it)

  24. Great post, FT!

    But you should have posted a spew alert at the top. With every new line, I guffawed. I had to set my coffee mug down so as to save my keyboard.

    1. At LASTt! The perfect, longed for reaction.

      You GOT it! HURRAH!

      Merry Christmas!

  25. All of these bs allegations -- and many of them are indeed false or a stretching and embellishment of something that happened so as to be a part of the victimology "movement" -- are demeaning those who have actually been sexually harassed (forced, often to keep a job) or brutally raped.

    The #MeToo Movement is farcical. Women who have actually had to deal with sexual harassment and rape don't act this way. Period. Full stop.

    As I've mentioned before, my best friend was beaten and raped by a diplomat's son. Ruined her life -- both physically and mentally. By "physically" I mean permanent damage to her vagina. My dear best friend recently pooh-poohed these allegations. As one trained to discern the truth in first reports of sexual abuse to the police, she has rejected almost all of the present allegations as attention whoring.

  26. The recent drumbeat of sexual harassment and sexual assault brought to my mind an actual incident that I had over 40 years ago when my dance teacher's husband suddenly grew octopus arms when he escorted me to the car one evening after my dance lesson.

    I made my feelings toward him known on the spot by carving him up verbally. He couldn't wait to get away from me, the screaming harridan. LOL.

    Guess what? I got out of the situation, quit taking dance lessons, and moved on with my life. In fact, until a few weeks ago, I had forgotten all about what happened. And I certainly didn't go whining to my dance teacher -- or to my parents, my cousin, my husband, etc.

    "Let someone else be the one who breaks up the marriage," I told myself.

    And lo! Two years later she filed for divorce when she caught her husband doing the same thing to another of her students.

  27. Thanks to Lisa Bloom, daughter of the Witch Bitch Gloria Allred, we now know that Trump accusers are paid $750,000 by top Democrat donors to accuse the billionaire presi

  28. Replies
    1. Archibald "Steinhardt" Hungkameatmeister said

      All dis crapola proves is dat wimmen ain't go place in the woik fawce. Day belawng at hoam in de kitchin bairfoot, praygnunt, washin' iurnin' and working hawd to make de man who woiks hawd to pay de bills happy.

      Aft awl, wuzzent it dat EAVE hoo loused everyting up by temting paw Addum in de foist plaice?


    2. Edith Hungkameatmeister said

      Now, Awchee, you don't wanna tawk that way in publick. It's EMBARASING.

      Ya wooden wunchta fambly to be USHAYMED of ya, woodja?

      Now, c'mon hoam. Paw Glawreeya is awl upset youse is out dringking agenn.

      Say bye bye now, and wish everybody a Merrie Kristmess!


    3. The cloak of Gyges still protects the chosen few... :(

      Hurray! :)

  29. Trump looked at me!

    OMG, what next, female reporters in NFL locker rooms?

    1. Here's Judy Garland to describe these feelings of aversion perfectly in song.

      HIT it, JUDY!

      _____”The Crashing Boor” _____

      The moment I saw him smile
      I knew he was truly vile
      My only regret is that we ever met
      I get nightmares of him all the while

      How I wish he didn't exist
      But all he can do is persist
      So it's clear to see there's no hope for me
      Though he lives 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
      And I far away from him as I can be.

      Oh I can’t ignore this crashing boor
      I loathe him more than I can say
      All he does is tease me
      In a manner sleazy
      Nausea will seize me
      Every time her looks my way

      Though I'm more than-sore, this crashing boor’s
      Attention to me won't go away
      I just abhor him
      And I WILL ignore him
      The Crashing Boor!

    2. Joe,
      Trump looked at me!

      And at a beauty pageant, too!

    3. Molly Goldberg said

      Who knew that dear old Judy too suffered from Trump Derangement Syndrome –– from beyond the grave yet! OY!

    4. Dalilah Sampson said

      That was a really great parody of The Boy Next Door, FT. I think you must be a genius. Just wanted you to know I really enjoy your sense of humor and the way you keep coming up with these witty things is amazing.

      Have a great Christmas, FT!

    5. I'm so glad that the Government has offered to protect us from boorish behaviour!

  30. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Sorry, Doris, but THIS post is about SEXUAL HARASSMENTS and its effects on politics and society in general.

      Merry Christmas to you!

  31. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Sorry, but cimments must relate to the topic of the post, or to related fremafrks on the cimments section.

  32. IN HONOR of the SEASON and of KEEPING the FAITH in GENERAL

    __ The Holy Enfant __

    Born in a manger
    ___ a low start in life
    Given to see
    ___ that no one is alone
    Ill-fated child
    ___ destined only for Grief
    The Star disappeared
    ___ Herod killed not the One

    But hundreds of others
    ___ God saved Him for us.
    He was to show us
    ___ that we could be saved
    Be happy and free
    ___ from all animus.
    But we work to kill Him
    ___ we are so depraved

    God loves us. ’Tis we
    __ are the ones who destroy.
    Each trust betrayed
    ___ each gift that is spurned
    Is a stab in the heart
    ___ of an Innocent Boy
    But, we’ll all feel the agony
    ___ all we have learned:

    He suffered the Cross
    ___ to bring height to our goals
    ______ light to our minds
    _________ and flight to our souls.

    ~ FreeThinke, The Sandpiper, Winter 1996-97

  33. Two necrophiliacs lying in bed,
    each one wishing the other was dead!

    1. Ickyrod Rosenstain said

      Sadie and Maisie were lying in the hay.
      Maisie said, Pllease hit me, but Sadie said, No way!"


  34. Thanks To Lisa Bloom We Now Know Trump Accusers Are Paid $750,000 By Dem Donors To Say Trump Abused Them

  35. As 2017 winds down - let’s examine President Trumps first year as President of the United States...
    President Trump’s first year as President of the United States has been nothing short of astounding. Lets look at the facts and at what he has accomplished in only 12 months:

    He has Hollywood progressives respecting the U.S. Constitution once again

    He has progressive states concerned about state’s rights once again

    He has other nations investing in the U.S.

    He reduced the national debt by $70 billion

    He has secured the U.S. border

    He has restored constitutional government

    He drastically improved national security

    He has businesses moving back to the U.S.

    He decreased unemployment to a 17-year low of 4.1%

    He has cracked down on crime
    He has exceeded everyone's expectations, and proved that he would do what he promised to do
    All this while fighting a constant hostile Media and Obama led opposition from within both parties. He has accomplished more positive things for America in one year than Obama did in eight.
    In fact Donald Trump might go down in history as the greatest president of all time!

  36. Frank Leigh said

    Guilt By Accusation Is The New Norm

    Frontpage Magazine, by Daniel Greenfield

    Time has named #MeToo its ‘Person of the Year’ and every other day the hashtag lynch mob drags someone else in front of the spotlight. The accusations range from rape to harsh words. The evidence is hearsay. The target is shamed, fired from every job he ever held and purged from polite society. Some are guilty. Some might be innocent. But we’ll never know because there’s no investigation. The time frame between accusation and purge is hours or days when it takes your average HR department a week to file a form. Just like in every totalitarian leftist state, the accusation ...

  37. Shakespeare probably said it best.

    “We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
    For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
    Shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile,
    This day shall gentle his condition;
    And gentlemen in England now a-bed
    Shall think themselves accurs'd they were not here,
    And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
    That fought with us upon Saint Crispin's day.”

  38. Trump is the president of the United States and its time to wrap up this stupid investigation and free the president to concentrate on taking care of the country, and the people's business.
    I think it's high time that you liberals give it up and GET OUT of our way.

    1. Looks like they're winning the propaganda battle... the MSM say's Trump's a crook.

    2. O GOODIE! We know that whatever THEY claim the direct OPPOSITE must be true.

      The more THEY hate Trump, te better IIlike him. It's as simple as that.

  39. Trump is like the Road Runner in the cartoon....he paints a circle on the ground and the liberal media falls in it

  40. I think it's high time that you liberals give it up and GET OUT of our way.ทางเข้า D2BET



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