Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Back in the Saddle Again

But for How Long?

Stay Tuned ...


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Do Check ‘Em Out.

De Blasio’s Social Media Director Quits: 
For The Sake Of My Health And My Sanity’


Japan top court approves blanket surveillance 
of country's Muslims...

Ku Klux Klan dreams of rising again 
150 years after founding...

CHICAGOLAND: Man Forces 2 Women Walking Along Street To Perform Sex Acts...


  1. Excellent news! Don't be afraid to kick the garbage to the curb with no apologies!

    1. Thank you, Silver. We shall see what we shall see.

    2. Not so fast, Ducky. We'll have to see first, whether you're fit or not, –– according to our stringent, august standards.

      Consider yourself on probation.

  2. Dear Mr. Free Thinke? Since the Wickeked One has "thrown me under the Bus" perhaps you and I can shake hands kiss and make up. And become alies?
    Whata you think?

    1. Right now, I don't know what to think, but as long as you remain polite, and don't try to inundate this place with a torrent of relentless negativity and Tokyo-Rose-style propaganda, I don't see why we should not at least try to talk sociably with one another.

      Let's hope we can turn over a new leaf –– at least here. I can't promise, however, not to participate in kind with roguish enthusiasm where others have made a travesty of the opportunity blogging accords by creating ta Coliseum-like atmosphere or one of a marathon, lowbrow Burlesque Show.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Finntann. I hope you'll visit often once we get going again.

  4. Replies
    1. Oh you know you're absolutely delighted to witness my resurrection. I can feel it in the air.

      So let us rejoice and be glad a Great Day has arrived, shall we?


  5. Replies
    1. };^)>

      I have no idea how long this will last –– or even IF it will last –– since we are completely at the mercy of the "String Pullers" who incessantly scheme to force unwanted, unneeded change upon us, but we'll be glad to take this ball and run with it –– for now.


    2. FT,
      Things will be okay for a while because you have a new 'puter.

      Just be sure to keep all browsers and all Internet software updated. Those updates can be automatically configured.

    3. I freely admit I'd have been effectively castrated, drawn and quartered if it weren't for the good will, and generous tech-assistance provided by capable, intelligent, tech-wise friends.

      Reading manuals that appear to have been written by oriental "texperts" with a rudimentary command of English, or spending untold hours on the phone with some disembodied geek in India, Thailand or Cambodia with a thick unintelligible singsong accent is NOT –– and will never BE –– "my style."

      Needless to say, I thank God for those who have the talent –– and the patience –– to deal adequately with these dreadful phenomena.

      NEVERTHELESS ... I stoutly maintain:

      Technology may
      Be as great as they say,
      But it wouldn't be missed,
      If it didn't exist.

      Than you, Piet Hein.

  6. You're just a regular Internet addict like the rest of us, FT. ;)

  7. Japan top court approves blanket surveillance of country's Muslims...

    That's the right idea!

    1. Would that we felt such unity in our sense of national identity.

      Both Japan –– and Israel –– could be defined as "racist states" by the ever-changing definitions and standards the the scuttling, scurrying, slip-sliding Left works so hard to impose on us.

      I refuse to accept THEIR definitions or be in any way limited by THEIR techniques of taking umbrage and pretending to be "offended,"or "outraged" at an ever burgeoning number of things in order to gain Power and Control through trying to SHAME their opponents into acquiescence.

      Well, I have NO PROBLEM with any Leftist –– or anyone else –– calling me a "racist," because I know full well from the way I've conducted my life that I am no such thing.

      IF we are to survive as a people and as a nation we MUST stand up to these would be tyrants, stare them down, and refuse to abide by their CRAP.

  8. It was inevitable. Enjoy your return FreeThinke.

    1. Nothing is inevitable, but death and taxes.

      Benjamin Franklin said it first, I believe, so it must be so.

  9. Here's the cockn' Bull story about that secret talk on Loretta Lynch's plane worth. Bill Clinton.
    Bill knew Lynch's plane was about to land. He instructed his staff to WAIT until Lynch's plane had landed. Bill then boarded Lynch's plane and the two of them had a 'private' conversation' lasting for thirty minutes.
    Lynch claims they only talked about their families FOR THE WHOLE THIRTY MINUTES
    Yeah RIGHT!
    Anyone want to buy the Brooklyn Bridge? Real Cheap

  10. When you decide to cast your vote for Hillary think of this;
    Ambassador Stevens was brutally murdered, with his genitals cut off, he was sodomized and beaten and cut and stabbed dozens of times and then burned. He was drug thru the streets and left there This is from an eyewitness's testimony of a local Dr. who found the Ambassador's dead body in a ditch

  11. i can remember back when neither Barack or the Moocher showed no respect for this nation. If fact, they had and still have nothing but hate for the United States. So this action, is not surprising. Obama is an internationalist first and somewhere way down the list, he perhaps has a little of Chicago in his DNA---I suspect, however that Mau Mau nationalism supercedes even that! Can you imagine being in the military and having to salute this asshole!

  12. This is not really a complex situation, to understand it simplyrequires some thinking , along with a High School education , along with an understanding of British Colonialism and the west's miss-conception of the Middle East and the way of thinking of the Islamic Community.. Understanding is the first step to avoid making the same mistake again. and having our cities bombed along with our citizens slaughtered in the streets.
    Why not instead take the time and effort of understanding the will of people thAt think and look differently?
    As they say. " Shit happens" snd Terrorism is terrorism, but it does have varying driving motivations. The goal is always the same, destruction, creation of fear in those being terrorized, and ultimately gain power and control over the targeted groups. Muslims in the Middle East and Africa are targeted as well, with significantly higher human tolls.

    Personally I see no reason mot to acknowledge there exists within Island a radical jihadist element using their religion to further their radical jihadist terrorist ideology. But I see no purpose in demonizing an entire religion (Islam) as many rightwingers do. There are ways to distinguish the evil jihadist terrorists from the majority of people who worship Allah and are as peace loving as the average Blacks, Christians, Jews, Hindis, Buddhist, or even Atheists for that matter.

  13. If the GOP is to be taken seriously , then they must stop that nonsense and those stupid slogans such as " take our country back". Or " make America Great Again" and get rid of people like Sarah Palin and Donsld Trump once and for all. Think of recruiting people like Gary Johnson, and others who are meaningful, not just loud mouthed clowns.
    It really is hard, and getting harder, to take Trump and the GOP seriously. The need new faces and new names badly. They need to stop the name calling and start acting Presidential.

    This country needs a viable opposition party (or two) to balance the democtatic party and keep it honest. Hopefully the GOP will take a real beating in 2016 because of Trump and as a result look at itself, its agenda, restructure, and reform itself.
    But I'm Not holding my breath.

    1. Oh, you want the good ole Democrat 'Lite' party leadership back, cuz only THEY can keep the real Democrat Party as "honest" as the Clintons and do for America what Democrats did for Detroit. :)

  14. If you’re asking what exactly is a Libertarian, it’s really a very good question, because most of people walking around the streets theses days , don't even know! In fact most of the Americsn people don't even know the platform of the party that the belong to. They only know "Trump Hood, Hillary Bad" or visa Versa, but the can’t agree on any practical principles. They have some really nice simplistic and axiomatic ideas that virtually no one could disagree with, like “Freedom is important” or “Don’t Hurt Me, I'm a Conservitive. If I were to write anything definitive and tangible, like “They believe in the free market,” you’d quickly get a bunch of rebuttals saying your talking about “braindeado-capitalist libertarians and I’m a “anarcho-headupmybutto-libertarian, and we see things differently.”

    The Libertarian ideology started from a noble motive, and from the thory that most people don't really know their ass from their elbow, about the different terms, "Socialist, Marxist, Communists, Libberat, Progressive, Conservitive, but only belong to a party because they like or dislike the way one cadidate looks and don't like the way the other one looks, or pehaps, " my father belonged to this one. Therefore I should! we let the guy on the news decide for us as well. WhT ever, it makes NO sense in society, but has deteriorated into a hodge-podge of disgruntled conservative maxims and quotes from a high school economics text. A captain without a ship tends to not get anywhere. It’s an alliance of Isolationists & Radical Free-Marketers (the brains of the group), with Conspiracy Theorists, Angry Republicans, & various other detritus I can’t name without offending people. They have no concept of practical values, so what Libertarians boils down to is a faction of the Republican Party (the mostly like-minded folks who are more grounded in the real world), who occasionally vote for this incredibly small Libertarian Party as a protest vote. I always give them credit for understanding that no one would want to be called a Republican.

    1. Libertarians are people who would appear from your description to only like to think a little bit... and seem more worried about being "liked" than being "right."

      Jill Stein in 2016!

  15. I hope that all the Hillay and the Trump supporters will grow to realize the result of either a Trump. or a Hillary presidency would be a disaster to our nation and wake the hell up before its to late and cast their vote for Gary Johnson

    1. Throw your vote away, Tom. You want to vote for Globalist Corporate TPP loving Gary, that's YOUR business.

      from Wikipedia

      Free-market capitalism[edit]
      Johnson supports free markets and free-market capitalist economics.[7] He says, "Free markets and limited government are the foundation of prosperity."[8] He believes government should foster the free market by allowing businesses freedom to compete without restrictions.[7][8] He opposes government subsidies to business; he believes they wrongly "pick winners and losers," which he says is the consumer's job, not the government's.[7]

      Johnson supports free trade and opposes tariffs, "period." He believes free market trade corrects inequities between trading partners, such as foreign countries' subsidies for certain industries.[7] Johnson supports the Trans-Pacific Partnership.



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