Monday, April 20, 2015

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Do we really want THIS in the White House again?


  1. Not inevitable, but likely.

    One Hillary supporters recently things the following to me at Facebook:

    Hilary is an accomplished woman that represents a modern society. GOP is just a bunch of people stuck in a time that needs to go by the wayside.


    Hilary has been in this game all her life and she knows more than these young GOP's. I'm over the GOP the dumbest most arrogant white funded organization that should be disbanded.


    And she'll make a great President!!!!!


    Hilary is younger and more with the times than all those puppets.


    No GOP in my vagina.

    The age of the woman who typed in all these comments = approximately 60.

    1. How sad! The stroke that woman is trying to recover from must have destroyed most of her little gray cells, right?

      Dash Balder of Taradiddle Hall

    2. Oui, mon ami. Vous avez raison. Merci beaucoup.

      ~~~ Hercule Poirot, lui meme ~~~

  2. If she gets the Dem nomination, she is probably unstoppable.

    If O'Malley or other viable candidates jump in the primary race, different story.

    The link to the article about how satire could be her undoing was spot on. No surprise it comes from Britain. No press writer in America is astute or flexible enough to make such an observation.

    However, there is a limit to the satire observation: It will be operative in the Dem primary if some other viable Dem candidates step in to challenge her. In that situation, we'll see her being satirized.

    If she wins the Dem nomination, the press, the comedians and the pop culture writers will fall in line and aim every arrow at the hated GOP candidate.

    It also depends on who the GOP nominates. If it's Bush, Hillary wins. Given the choice between Dem and Imitation Dem Lite, voters chose the genuine Dem every time.

    Based upon communication skill and presentation, I believe Rubio is the only Repub who could beat her.

    My opinion could changes as time goes on, but that's how I see it right now.

    1. SF,
      I believe Rubio is the only Repub who could beat her.

      Right now, I'm thinking that way, too.

      If voters want youth in the White House, Rubio is the only yet-declared candidate to fulfill that criterion.

      I've heard mention from some GOP insiders of a Walker-Rubio ticket. That wouldn't work as well for the youth voters as a Rubio-? ticket.

    2. I really like Scott Walker. He is an experienced governor, and the man has a proven track record defeating leftwing wackadoos in a blue state, multiple times. That is impressive.

      I want to see how he performs in the campaign scrum. Also, some GOOPers are making a big deal of his not finishing college. Since most pols are lawyers, I see this point as positive in his favor, not a disadvantage. He has a record as governor to stand on.

  3. If it's a Jeb Bush vs. Hillary Clinton election, the GOP will lose.

    1. The GOP seems to have predilection for picking losers, AOW. I, personally, think it almost has to be deliberate.

      The RINO leadershit of the GOP lives, moves and has its being under the aegis of The Oligarchs. In fact many of them -- including the entire Bush clan -- are MEMBERS of the Oligarchy.

      Could there possibly be another reasonable explanation for the way these blundering bunglers consistently snatch Defeat from the jaws of Victory every single time push comes to shove?

    2. Miss Gunderson, Second Grade TeacherApril 21, 2015 at 9:42 AM

      Mr FreeThinke! "The RINO leadershit..."

      Watch the spelling errors, young man!

  4. Hillary Clinton Could Very well Be The Worst Candidate Democrats Have Produced!!
    We're being told that it's all over for the 2016 election. Nobody else need even run, because Hillary is the greatest and she'll win in a landslide. Problem is, she knows that the less she exposes her true self, the higher her approval ratings are. She's not naturally outgoing like her husband, She can't even read a teleprompter, like Obammy does without sounding like she's acting and she has so much baggage that we don't even know if she'll be qualified to even run. She's currently under investigation for racketeering and could be indicted for obstruction of justice in a Congressional investigation. Is this bitter women the best and only one that the Democrat can run? And she sucks.. Writing this makes me happy to know I'm doing my job

    1. Indeed. Hillary has the charisma of Nixon, the leadership skills of Jimmy Carter, and the disposition of a black widow biting the head off of an unfortunate male.

    2. But the Democrat Socialists will still fall out and dutifully vote for her.

      If she's the Dem candidate, she's almost guaranteed.

    3. You are probably correct, Silver Fiddle, but please let us not fall prey to the obvious tactics employed by the enemedia and allow ourselves to be HYPNOTIZED into accepting defeat as inevitable, which is, of course, exactly what those foul-minded bastards want.

      Later, I shall report on the disgusting spectacle presented by the usually right-of-center McLaughlin Group at noon yesterday.

      It seems fairly obvious to me that THEY, along with everyone else in he enemedia, have been given THEIR marching orders by The Higher Ups.

    As we all know too well, Liberals are morons and hypocrites, and we shouldn't expect too much from them.

    1. Not mor-ONS, MCS, de-MONS is much more like it –– and damnably clever ones at that.

      I would agree, however, that for the most part they are, indeed, hypocrites.

  6. The Ghost of Ron BrownApril 20, 2015 at 2:33 PM

    Never underestimate the Clinton Machine.

    1. How could you when it's composed of ALL Lies.

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. Reverend Billy Jim HollerApril 21, 2015 at 9:44 AM

    The Clinton Machine is powered by Satan's smoke!

  9. With regards to Hillary, I attribute much of the skepticism surrounding her to the fossilized remains of GOP stalking points. The GOP has a very bad habit of resorting to derision, defamation, and smear to discredit all opponents, and I expect 2016 to be especially ugly.

    Regrettably, there are all too many men who feel threatened by intelligent and accomplished women, and Hillary has been pilloried for precisely this reason.

    Hillary has also been a target of victim blame over her husband’s infidelities – and rightwingers have gone out of their way to paint her with the same brush. The wingnuts absolutely detest Hillary. But keep in mind, those are the people who thought Sarah Palin would make a great president

    1. Who could blame ol' Slick Willy, seein' what he had to come home to every night...

    2. Hillary Clinton is accomplished? At what?

      Riding a handsome, virile and powerful man's coattails to the highest reaches of power?

      Carpetbagging to a safe election for a safe senate seat in a safely Democratic state?

      Losing the Democratic presidential primary to a callow man with an even thinner resume than her own?

      Setting the Middle East of Fire? Siding with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt? Tipping Libya into anarchy and chaos? Displaying a callous disregard for the security of State Department personnel, culminating in the deaths of our Ambassador to Libya and security staff?

      Shrieking about how dissent is patriotic (back when Bush_Cheney ran the show)? Her many scolding lectures? Her comedy routines about how she "ain't nowayes taaahrd?" Or maybe her recent threat to march us all off to Fun Camps?

      Or is it her metallic cackle that could make even Satan's blood run cold?

      What accomplishments, pray tell, are you blathering about?

    3. lol! Sarah Palin is an intelligent and thoughtful woman. Maybe the Pond Scum Left should have treated HER as one, and then we could have a civil conversation today.

  10. People who disagree with another politics can rarely restrain themselves to the issues—rather, the other person’s character and person comes under attack.

    A good example of this phenomenon is the liberal, (progressives) vile attacks on George W. Bush. They couldn’t accept that Bush happened to support different policies than they did—instead, he was a stupid, uneducated hick controlled by a diabolical Dick Cheney. (This about a man who went to Yale, and whose family has set down some pretty solid roots among the Eastern elite).

    It was inevitable that such attacks would crop up among conservatives as well. Most of them are irrelevant but tolerable—the worst of these are the nutty but harmless birth certificate rumors.

    There are other, more harmful attacks as well, and unfortunately some of them involve race. One, which I experienced, was a chain email, the gist of which was an unflattering photo of Michelle Obama next to a picture of monkey. Another example was a conversation I had with a conservative stranger; she suggested that Obama’s sterling college record was tainted by affirmative action and summer classes, which in her experience were apparently crutches used by “stupid” blacks to retake hard courses. (Speaking as a college student, taking very difficult courses during the summer isn’t exactly uncommon, nor is it done only by unintelligent people).

    Although it began with the Liberals, and progressives, both of these parties were quite nasty people who you wouldn’t expect to have a racist bone in their bodies, and indeed probably don’t—in the former case, I am quite sure that Obama people were much worse.

  11. Charleston BlackbottomApril 21, 2015 at 9:14 PM

    Apply same rationale equally to conservatives and you're on to somerhing.



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