Friday, November 22, 2013

Joseph P. Kennedy, Patriarch of the Kennedy Clan

The Deviltry That Led To
November 22, 1963

Joseph P. once had a Master Plan.
Oh, what dreams of Glory he possessed!
His lust for Conquest never let him rest.
Naught but vain Ambition drove the clan

Kennedy had sired to fulfill
Ego-driven fantasies of ruling
Nations. Wealth, ill-gotten, had us drooling.
Nothing seemed to thwart Old Joseph’s will.

Enter World War Two: It killed young Joe,
Destined to be President one day. 
Even so, despite this transient woe,

Ambition took the lead again, so Jack
Took his brother’s place. That was Joe’s way.
His will was thwarted by a rifle’s crack.

~ FreeThinke (11/22/13)

The famous Book Depository in Dallas where Oswald took his aim


  1. I remember a particular moment from JFK's Inauguration Day.

    When JFK acknowledged his father's presence in the stands, JFK tipped his hat as if to say "Are you satisfied now, Dad?"

    An interesting moment if one knew "the inside information" about the Kennedy Dynasty.

    What was Joe's reaction to his son's assassination less than three years later?

  2. I read somewhere that Old Man Joe actually brought his lover Gloria Swanson to the dinner table in Rose Kennedy's presence. Is that rumor true?

  3. JFK Was Shot By A Leftist Scumbag More In Line With Dems Today
    JFK was a guy who believed in everything the GOP believes in today, and some low-life leftist SOB shot him.

    Come to think of it, Lincoln was shot by a GD racist Southern Democrat.

    Is that all you on the left can do is kill World leaders?

    Lee Harvey Oswald was a left-wing nutjob. A communist.. He would have been called a progressive in today's world.

  4. Often things are not what they appear to be.

    Kennedy was more a Classical Liberal than the facist Republican party of today.

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  5. Strange circumstances surround the sudden death of Joseph Kennedy, Jr. as well as the assassinations of JFK and RFK.

    The closest eye-witness to the mid air explosion of the plane carrying Kennedy and the huge explosive device that killed him and others was Elliot Roosevelt, who was in another plane in the same squadron as Kennedy. Apparently FDR was more than a little put off that Joseph Kennedy, Jr, was being groomed to run a challenging campaign against an American champion of socialism, FDR.

    Needless to say that challenger went up in smoke.

  6. From Wiki to satisfy the potential frothing rage of incoming "liberals":

    "Following behind them in a USAAF F-8 Mosquito to film the mission were pilot Lt. Robert A. Tunnel and combat camera man Lt. David J. McCarthy, who filmed the event from the perspex nose.[5] As planned, Kennedy and Willy remained aboard as the BQ-8 completed its first remote-controlled turn at 2,000 feet near the North Sea coast. Kennedy and Willy removed the safety pin arming the explosive package and Kennedy radioed the agreed code Spade Flush, his last words. Two minutes later (and well before the planned crew bailout, near RAF Manston), the Torpex explosive detonated prematurely and destroyed the Liberator, killing Kennedy and Willy instantly. Wreckage landed near the village of Blythburgh in Suffolk, England, causing widespread damage and small fires, but no injuries on the ground. According to one report, a total of 59 buildings were damaged in a nearby coastal town."

    "According to USAAF records, the trailing Mosquito "was flying 300 feet above and about 300 yards to the rear of the robot. Engineer photographer on this ship was injured and the ship was damaged slightly by the explosion."[7] The Mosquito, which made an immediate emergency landing at RAF Halesworth, belonged to the 325th Reconnaissance Wing, a unit under the command of the son of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, then Colonel Elliott Roosevelt. Years later, Roosevelt claimed to have been aboard this trailing aircraft, and his version of the event has gained wide currency.[8] However, Air Force records cannot substantiate this. Instead, an after-action account by the 8th Combat Camera Unit (CCU) noted that:

    ".....'the Baby just exploded in mid-air as we neared it and I was knocked halfway back to the cockpit. A few pieces of the Baby came through the plexiglass nose and I got hit in the head and caught a lot of fragments in my right arm. I crawled back to the cockpit and lowered the wheels so that Bob could make a quick emergency landing,' Lt. McCarthy reported from his hospital bed."[9]

    The 8th CCU film of the event, has, so far as is known, not been found.

    The Navy's informal board of review, discussing a number of theories, discounted the possibility of the crew making a mistake, or that suspected jamming or a stray signal could have armed and detonated the explosives. An electronics officer who believed the wiring harness had a design defect had warned Kennedy of this possibility the day before the mission.[6] Kennedy was posthumously awarded the Navy Cross, the Distinguished Flying Cross, and the Air Medal."

  7. FT posted these words at AOW's blog. They would have made a good article to commemorate this day.:

    The entire JFK Image is largely a fraud. He had "charisma." If memory serves me correctly, his candidacy brought that peculiar term into our vocabulary. He also had incredible EFFRONTERY -- one THE greatest BS artists who ever lived -- but he was "All Front" with little substance to back it up -- the human equivalent of a Potemkin Village, one could say.

    He was neither kind nor good. He was a poseur -- a mountebank -- a vain, haughty creature born largely of his FATHER'S astonishing HUBRIS -- as were -- and remain -- ALL the Kennedy men.

    The "Camelot" image was no more authentic than a Hollywood Romance in Technicolor. His behavior behind the scenes was -- let us be kind, avoid vulgarity, and say "compulsively self indulgent."

    We should not be asking ourselves what the country would have been like had he not been shot, we should instead be lamenting the success old Joseph P. had in effectively stealing the election from Richard M. Nixon.

    Yes, FT, we would be in much better shape today if Richard M. Nixon had been elected back then -- as he would have been were it not for his father's money and the corruption in Cook County politics -- and in the enemedia.

    -----> Katharine Heartburn

  8. I recall that he brought the country together, it just felt good to have him as President.
    Lets face it, he was the VERY last GOOD Democratic president this country had.

  9. Hildergarde HammhockerNovember 22, 2013 at 4:01 PM

    Leslie Parsley said...

    "Thanks for posting this. BTW, did you know that Alan Seeger was an uncle of Pete Seeger"

    Oh Lord, another reason to Hate Alan Seeger!

  10. That's most interesting information on Joseph, Jr., Waylon. I knew nothing about any of it. All we ever heard way back when I was twenty-plus years old, was that he had been "killed in the war."

    It has often occurred to me over the past forty years or so, that if ever there was a clear, unmistakable example of The Hand of God smacking down a particular group of people He obviously thought unworthy, it is the history of The Kennedy Clan -- a seemingly endless series of Untimely Deaths as a sordid saga of Dark Dastardly Deeds long hidden, else gilded or whitewashed by the Kennedy Toadies -- Arthur Schlesinger, Jr, Ted Sorenson, most of the Enemedia and Public Television and many others -- gradually, relentlessly comes to light.

    So, nothing would surprise me about these people -- or the crowd of sycophants, professional prevaricators, and pathetic hangers-on that ran with them and after them.

    To say that these were "not nice people" might qualify as the understatement of the century.

    I do feel sorry for the children and grandchildren of Old Joe. I see all of them -- and US -- as tragic victims of the old man's hubris and ruthless ambition. Ill-gotten gains, apparently do those who procure them little or no good in the long run.

    The Kennedy Saga proves that conclusively -- at least to me.

  11. Sorry, Voodoocadabra, baby, but but you fell for the expert charlatanism of the Kennedy Clan and their retinue of Toadies and Hagiographers.

    The Kennedys were and are ROTTEN to the CORE. If we ever felt "good" about any of them, we were duped, hoodwinked, bamboozled, hornswoggled -- pick your favorite expression for tricked or misled and run with it, because that's what happened to you.

    FYO: We have NEVER had a "GOOD" Democratic president, because there AIN'T no such animal. Kennedy tends to look relatively good to us today, because the poisonous sewage excreted by the Progressives has seeped so deep into our bones, and the country has moved so much farther to the left in the past fifty years, JFK appears relatively mild in comparison to communistic FILTH that has us by the short hairs today.

  12. FT, it's too easy to be hoodwinked by the lying liars in the media. They concoct stories from different angles, stretching the truth for their own agenda. We've all been suckered in by the images presented not only of the Kennedys but many other individuals who happen to capture the fancy of the of the agenda writers of the day.

    Kennedy, Sr. went from being the golden boy, the American Ambassador to England. His particular sin, the one that put him on the outs with the "ins" of the day, FDR, and his communist clique was Kennedy's open admiration for fascism and Hitler— hardly any different than that of much of the British Royalty whose roots are German anyway.

    FDR, a man of ill gotten wealth himself, from the Chinese opium trade, would hardly be morally superior to any Kennedy, especially in the eyes of any Deity, IMO. FDR did more damage to the country and the world than any Kennedy ever did.

    And you are rights the official line is that Kennedy was killed in the war, but the "rest of the story" is even more intriguing especially the details, such as the last act and word from Kennedy was the signal that the switch had been set and the bomb was live and primed for detonation, and that message would have been heard by the other members of the group flying in the squadron with him.

  13. Old Joe Kennedy was "The Most Hated Man in England" when he was out Ambassador, Waylon. I remember hearing that from several "horse's mouths" -- British people -- and a Scottish-Canadian friend now deceased, who studied medicine in Edinburgh, who were there at the time.

    Old Joe may have had nice teeth, but take a look at those eyes. Such a person would frighten the hell out of me, if I were ever so unfortunate as to confront him.

  14. FreeThinke said...

    "The Kennedys were and are ROTTEN to the CORE."

    I second that and third it. Don't believe the Democratic hype.

    Thank You.

  15. This thread is better than an Alex Jones clip.

  16. Sounds like Ducky would trust the "American Pravda" (aka The New York Times) instead of a hard working citizen reporter.

    Now that upwards of 60% of the American people don't believe the 'official" version of the JFK assassination (aka The Warren Report) is there light at the end of the tunnel or is it another runaway freight train coming at us, Ducky?


    "This thread is better than an Alex Jones clip."

    This blogowner's commemorative poem is a lot better than that. It's great to find someone not afraid to speak their mind.

  18. I just noticed your sonnet was based on the acrostic JOHN KENNEDEATH, FT. Possibly in poor taste, but it brought a wry little smile to my lips all the same.

    You are one who definitely bears watching.

    -----------> Katharine Heartburn

  19. Ducky gets all his information from The Daily Worker, Waylon. Can't you tell?

    Ethel Rosenberg was his godmother -- or would have been if she'd believed in God -- but she didn't, so she refused the honor. I think his poor parents had to make with that dreary Dorothy Day, instead, but I'm not sure. };-)>



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