Monday, July 21, 2014

The Deliberately Planned Process of Rendering Our Children, Intellectually Weak, Ill Informed, Ill Equipped to Function Productively, 
but Eminently Tractable

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Rudolf Buchbinder, born 1946, Vienna, Austria

Recently, we featured Rosina Lhevinne performing the last movement of this concerto in celebration of her eightieth birthday. It's such a profoundly beautiful, wonderfully energetic, eternally youthful piece, we thought we should give you the chance to hear it in its entirety.

Soloist RUDOLF BUCHBINDER at age 67 is still the top of his game, and adds an element of virility too often lacking in performances of Mozart.  I doubt you'll ever hear a finer performance, and the ORCHESTRA is nothing less than SUPERB.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

In loving memory of 
ELAINE  STRITCH (1925-2014)
A Force of Nature, an American Original, a redoubtable, doughty, unique entertainer.
May the flights of angels I doubt you believed in sing you to your rest, dear soul. 

Here's to the Ladies Who Lunch – and to you who made them famous, Elaine, and to Stephen Sondheim who pitied them so poignantly with his uniquely eloquent brand of mockery.

Thursday, July 17, 2014


If you can listen past the thump, thump, thumping of the quasi-Jungle beat, and hear past the strained, decidedly uncouth tone and rapid-fire delivery of the brazen vocalization [I could never bring myself to call it “singing”],  you –– and I –– could learn a great deal from this bizarre exhibition. 

It’s obvious intent, of course, is to mock people like me who care a great deal about expanding awareness and making greater use of our marvelously rich and varied vocabulary while maintaing good grammar and promoting high standards of syntactical elegance and precision. Nevertheless, the information provided , however mockingly, is well worth our time. By all means take it in, and make it your own.

Meanwhile, many thanks to We the people of FJ-Thersites-Joe-Conservative-Speedy Gonzales & CO
for providing the link to this delightfully flawed gem.

Lower your volume to medium levels to avoid that Ghetto-Blaster-Boombox Effect.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Denouncing Defeatism

Has life defeated you? I rather hope
Defeatist rhetoric will die aborning,
Though seen by many merely as a warning,
Each bitter word will serve to weave a rope

By which we’ll hang ourselves when the despair
We manufacture with denunciation
Of all the grievous faults that plague the nation
Convinces us our world’s beyond repair.

What good could we expect to come from that?
Affirmation is the only answer
To the questions posed by social cancer.
Get up and dance –– don’t bellow through your hat.

Although The Axe inevitably must fall,
Carping will produce no good at all.

~ FreeThinke

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


AOW asked for an antidote to yesterday’s graphic evidence of the cultural pollution and degeneracy passing for musical art that has poisoned the minds and perverted the souls of far too many in the past fifty-odd years. Many thousands of pieces from the classical repertoire could have filled the bill, but Rosina Lhevinne, who may be best known as the teacher of Van Cliburn, performing Mozart in celebration of her eightieth birthday stood out as especially inspirational. Try not to think. Please don't plan counter arguments. Just LISTEN.

Madame Lhevinne celebrated her 80th birthday in March,1960. To commemorate the occasion  Mrs. Lhevinne was invited to perform the Mozart Piano Concerto No. 21 K467 with the Juilliard Orchestra conducted by Jean Morel. In this performance we hear a brilliant interpretation of the third movement from this concerto.
Her playing is as young, fresh, crisp, clean, bright and brilliant as as a child prodigy just beginning a legendary career. How did she do it at age EIGHTY? More importantly, why did she not share her tremendous ability by giving concerts and recording all those decades when she was absent from the concert stage? 

Yesterday, we subjected ourselves  to deadly disease. Today, thanks to the miracle that is Mozart, we restore ourselves to health, hope, vitality, 
and good cheer.