Sunday, January 22, 2017


best expresses the Boundless Joy, Uplifting Energy, Encouragement, Optimism, Bravery, and Tender Caring I believe we should be experiencing right now because of President Trump's Glorious Victory 
and the Dynamic Start he has made to his New Presidency – a presidency that promises to revive the best aspects of our past by eschewing and discarding the inroads naysaying Socialist Activists have made that weakened and destabilized our once vibrant, innovative, highly productive culture that made us The Envy of the World. 

If President Trump succeeds, his presidency will break the shackles that have bound us and brought about a culture of indifference, self-destructive decadence, 
lethargy and stupor.




Friday, January 20, 2017


The odds were a hundred to one against me
The world thought the heights were too high to climb
But people from Missouri never incensed me
Oh, I wasn’t a bit concerned
For from hist’ry I had learned
How many, many times the worm had turned

They all laughed at Christopher Columbus
When he said the world was round
They all laughed when Edison recorded sound
They all laughed at Wilbur and his brother
When they said that man could fly
They told Marconi
Wireless was baloney
It’s the same old cry

They laughed at our wanting Trump
Said we were reaching for the moon
But Trump came through
Now they’ll have to change their tune

They all said Trump just couldn't be elected
They laughed at us, and how!
But ho, ho, ho!
Who’s got the last laugh now?

They all laughed at Rockefeller Center
Now they’re fighting to get in
They all laughed at Whitney and his cotton gin
They all laughed at Fulton and his steamboat
Hershey and his chocolate bar
Ford and his tin lizzie
Kept the scoffers busy
That’s how people are.

They laughed at our wanting Trump
Said it would be, "hello, goodbye."
But Trump came through
Now they’re eating humble pie

They all said he'd never make the White House
Now he's taking a bow
For ho, ho, ho!
Who’s got the last laugh?
He, hee, hee!
Let’s at the past laugh
Ha, ha, ha!
Who’s got the last laugh now?

~ Ira Gershwin - emended for the Inaugural by FT

Ella and Louie sing it just
for you, President Trump!
We Humbly Dedicate this Page
In the Hope We May Assuage
The Grief At Which We're Hintin'
Of Poor Chagrined, Obsessed With Rage

Miss Peggy Lee

The Great Ella Fitzgerald

Benny Goodman & His Orchestra 
with Helen Wood

Hasta la vista, Baby!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Triumph Tower


On Inaugural Eve high up in Trump Tower, 
The Donald reflected on his newfound power.
The conservative masses had come out in force, 
And delivered a victory that would chart a new course.

The snowflakes were shell-shocked with tears in their eyes, 
The media lied to them. What a surprise!
They had been promised a Hillary win,
But the criminal Clinton took a blow on her chin.

And though from all corners celebrities flew, 
They made no impression, for they hadn’t a clue.
They talked about climate, racism, and such,
And stories they told showed they didn’t know much.

The fake news and ignorance came at great cost, 
And they can’t understand all the reasons they lost. 
They blame it on Comey and Bernie and Vlad,
But fail to acknowledge the one who was bad.

Yes, Hillary Clinton, in many ways flawed, 
Was her own biggest hurdle toward getting the nod. 
The campaign exposed her corruptness and greed,
And her speeches were punch-less as ten dollar weed.

So out in the streets there arose a great clatter, 
It was Soros-paid rioters and Black Lives Matter. 
With cities to pillage and windows to smash, 
They knew not the issues, but wanted the cash.

Eight years of Obama had given them cause, 
To expect a replacement of their Santa Claus. 
But soon the protestors will all feel the pain, 
When the wheels fall off of their old gravy train.

And now all the snowflakes are riddled with fear, 
Upset and offended by all that they hear. 
The cocoa and crayons may help for a while, 
But fact-based reporting will soon cramp their style.

At first I supported, and voted, for Cruz, 
In the end, I would vote for whomever they’d choose. 
He wasn’t my first choice, but soon I would cede,
The one they call Trump is the one that we need.

The Champ!

I saw him on TV in front of a crowd,
He spoke about veterans, it made me feel proud. 
He spoke about energy, safety, and jobs, 
Taking us back from the Washington snobs.

He was dressed in Armani, all tailored and neat, 
And the Brunos he wore made his outfit complete. 
For a man of his vintage, he seemed very fit,
And he looked presidential, I have to admit.

His eyes glowed like embers, his smile was the best, 
And his hair was the color of my old hunting vest. 
His love for this country was on full display,
And his actions spoke louder than his words could say.

He thanked all his voters, and before he was gone, 
Saved thousands of jobs while Obama looked on. 
The fate of this country left nothing to chance,
So, he filled out his cabinet weeks in advance.

The men he had chosen were of the same mind, 
Let’s set the bar high, and not lead from behind. 
He picked up his phone as he rose from his seat,
With a flick of his finger, he sent out this tweet; 

"Now Mattis! Now Kelly! Now Sessions! And Pruitt! 
On Perry! On Flynn! You’re the ones who can do it.
Start lifting restrictions; start building the wall, 
Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!” 

The roar of his audience rose from the stands,
He kissed all their babies and shook all their hands. 
He answered their questions and calmed all their fears,
Till they knew it would be a fantastic four years. 

Then he jumped in his limo, and off to his jet, 
A fellow the Leftists won’t soon forget.
He sent one more tweet as the evening expired; 
"Happy Inaugural to all, 
and, OBAMA,

Welcome home, Mr. President!

~ by Tony Olson - courtesy of TOM - lightly emended by FT

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

We All Should 
Wish Them Well

The Official White House Christmas Card, 2016

For all the quips and jibes and taunts
And brutal castigation
This First Family's image haunts,
And begs new valuation.

Both elegant and wholesome 
This group radiates great charm
We should feel proud 
they reached a goal some 
Tell us did no harm.

Their image, lean and lissome, 
Does great credit to their race.
To know them might be bliss. Some
Might wish to kiss each face.

The father’s been a failure
Many say with unchecked bile.
Rated as the Holy Grail your 
Welfare class adored his style.

Conservatives despised him
And insisted he must fail,
While the the Left who idolized him,
Thinks the Right belongs in jail. 

And so we’re now divided
Many saying we’re at war
With those we have derided
Thus forgetting what Life’s for.

Although his leftist stance
Has been essentially perverse
We should not want to dance
Upon his grave. That make things worse 

By deepening the chasm 
That now between us yawns
We kill enthusiasm
Thus darkening all our dawns.

So please try to remember
Barack with charity;
His legacy’s an ember
Now. Let’s pray Trump sets us free.

~ FreeThinke

Monday, January 16, 2017

___________ A January Man __________

Ghandi set the pattern for your feet ––
Needing methods that could overthrow 
Ingrained –– entrenched –– Injustice you faced heat
Ku-Klux-Klansmen lit to bring you low.
Looking Terror squarely in the face 
Many would have flinched, but you stood firm.
Relentlessly you gave courage to your race ––
Oppressed –– assessed as lower than a worm!
Truth and Courage were your sword and shield.
Cleansing us from same you spoke aloud
Of mindless meanness –– our disgrace revealed.
Despite denials, our heads are bowed.
O, martyred man of God, you had one flaw
They say, but we look back on you with awe.

~ FreeThinke - The Sandpiper

Friday, January 13, 2017

What Do You Think of 
In the 2016 Presidential Election?

Was He

A Slick Operator With 
A Hidden Agenda?

A Hero?

A Villain?

A Renegade?

A Turncoat?

A Blundering Fool?

A Clown?

Or Just a Man Doing His Job 

The Best Way He Could?

[NOTE: Please do your best to present evidence to the contrary in a polite, thoughtful way. Insults, smear tactics, emotional outbursts, childish taunts, and irrelevant comments will be removed. Try for a change to treat someone with whom you disagree with respect. Insults and mud-slinging are NOT acceptable debate practice. If “we” are to have any credibility at all, we must elevate the tone of our rhetoric. Thanks.]

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Hubris personified! Ta ta! Hasta la vista! Bye!


We loved you madly once,  or so you thought.
But now your reign is soon to come to naught.
This makes your story sad for us to tell,
So let’s be kind, and just forget the hell
You and Michele have given. Left unsaid,
We sweetly choose to sing to you, instead.

Farewell, Obama,
Adios, Addio, Adieu! 
Farewell, Obama.
It was no fun, and now it’s done, 
Still now and then, vain Obama,
When you are strutting 
with the stars beyond belief,
We’ll recall all the stress 
and the high drama, 
Vanished now with a sigh of relief!

~ FreeThinke (with apologies to Cole Porter)

Buh-bye, Babe! You won't be missed.