Sunday, January 27, 2013

"This is the day the Lord hath made.
Let us rejoice and be glad in it."

Relax! Do something pleasant you've been wanting to do 
for ages, but could never seem to find the time.

There's no time like


"Just think of lovely things,
and your heart will fly on wings"


Always On Watch said...

Good advice.

After I run my errands today and see Mr. AOW off to the VFW with his friend Steve, I'm going to settle in with a good book (either audio or hard copy).

Have a great Sunday, FT.

Curt Fouts said...

Yes indeed...

FreeThinke said...

Thanks, you two, but it's sadly obvious that the vast majority of our blogging cohorts are not the least bit interested in "lovely things."

Instead they have become addicted to the perpetual expression of rage and scorn.


Anonymous said...

Maugham said it very well, FT. "After a while beauty gets to be rather a bore," he said. Must be the case, since every time someone tries to show an example it receives scant attention. Humanity is longing for a return to the Colosseum, fear.

-------------> Katharine Heartburn

Ducky's here said...

One Day
By Robert Creeley

One day after another—
They all fit.

FreeThinke said...

She sat on the toilet
Sniffing her armpits --
First one, then the other --
The rank odor reassured her.
She knew she was still alive.

~ Lance Dungcaster