Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Most Admired Woman in the World
She's baaaaaaaaaaaaak!

Today’s Headline Features at

Senator particularly interested in the
Rice talking points


Something monstrous this way cometh.

A classic case of you get what you pay for.


Dear Lord, we've lost this one.

Some pollsters don't get what the Tea Party is.

This will clear away some cobwebs...and some anger.


  1. As Barbra Streisand sang so many years ago, we've only just begun...

    The Feral Government is a voracious beast, and it subsidiary arms known as states are little beastlets, and they will eat everything in their path.

    Corrupt Illinois politicians have stolen the state pension fund dry, creating an $80,000,000,000 hole, California is worse, and New York State is only slightly better.

    If you have any wealth, you'd better start hiding it. Those without a pot to piss in will be the best off.

  2. Usually I would agree, but the success reported by Ms. Shaw in the bluest of all blue states Massachusetts, needs to be acknowledged, and either accepted at face value or debunked through copious research from many sources.

    It can't be ignored.

    And then, what if "we" have been wrong all along, and all the tremendous progress in the nineteenth and early -twentieth centuries -- and the tremendous surge of upward mobility that followed the Great Wave of Immigration coinciding -- were illusory -- not true at all?

    What if all that solidly built, beautifully styled, finely detailed, exquisitely landscaped suburban architecture that sprang up between 1890 and 1950 is nothing more than te moral equivalent of Potemkin Village -- a sham -- a hoax -- an illusion -- a fairy tale -- HOLOGRAM?

    What if I never did live in a splendid, half-timbered 4500 square-foot Tudor-style house with a slate roof, a fireplace so large I could walk inside it without touching my head as a child, a maid's apartment over the carriage house, a billiard room, a conservatory and a tennis court?

    What if I just dreamt it all up while living in a stinking two-room flat looking out on a air shaft?

    What if the students in my elementary school class really did NOT test six grade levels higher than the national average? What if they just TOLD us that to make our parents feel good?

  3. There will be a cascading effect from rising health-insurance premiums. Many now insured will be forced out of the market, and eventually private health insurance companies will be forced out as well.

    Get ready for the single payer system. It's coming.

  4. Came across an interesting video linking the "Benghazi Affair" to a long list of lies spewed by Hillary—including "the vast right wing conspiracy" to assault Bill because of the Lewinski affair, the entering Bosnia "under sniper fire" and now the "alleged anti-Muslim video which "caused" the attack in Benghazi.


  5. From the lack of attention this post received it's apparent that most no longer see Her Heinous as much of a factor in America's political future.

    I think that's a mistake, myself. She's too much like the Seven-headed Hydra of Revelation.

    I won't begin to feel comfortable where she's concerned until she's been put out of commission with a silver bullet, and buried with a stake of dogwood through her black and shriveled heart. ;-)



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