Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Bard of Murdock and FreeThinke 
Have Teamed Up!

Here is the Result:

Let Them Eat Bread!

by The Bard of Murdock

Alas! The Twinkie has expired.
The Hostess brand is dead.
The unions killed the golden cake,
And cried, “Let them eat bread!”

Though cream was what the masses craved,
The unions overfed.
They chose an unemployment check,
And cried, “Let them eat bread!”

So when Thanksgiving dinner’s served
I’ll gaze across the spread,
And cry a tear for Twinkies lost –
And binge on pie instead.

~ § ~

FreeThinke Responds:

Alas! you never told us 
Wonder Bread was also killed.
It's dead white spongy texture 
No longer can be swilled.

No more the red, blue, yellow circles 
That adorned its wrapper
Will show on shelves in grocery stores 
Looking rather dapper.

But, we must face a dismal fact: 
The late, lamented Twinkie
Was a cheesy, sleazy product. 
Mother told me it was stinky.

The greedy selfish unions 
Who have played fast and loose
With workers' long term interests 
Have killed their Golden Goose!




Always On Watch said...

I used to make a fast strawberry shortcake out of Twinkies. Just sayin'.

Did you hear the latest news about Hostess? Something about arbitration, I think.

Always On Watch said...

Forgot to say....

I like both poems.

FreeThinke said...

Do you think there's a chance for a Resurrection of Wonder Bread and Hostess Cakes, AOW?

Funny! Both Thomas Sowell, who said in prose exactly what The Bard of Murdock and I said in verse, and that mewling, puling, Pulitzer Prize-winning moron, Paul Krugman have written about the Twinkie's demise.

Sorry if I insulted anyone's taste by quoting my mother's opinion of Twinkies. She was a wonderful cook and an old-fashioned mother who made a fine art of both housekeeping and cookery.

Mom made everything from scratch and loved doing it. She regarded "packaged food" as "junk" from its inception.

My grandparents and my great ants and uncles avoided eating in restaurants. Most of them not only preferred their own (wonderful!) home cooking, they also were positive they could easily be poisoned to death eating commercially prepared food.

Boy, was I spoiled. So was my dad.

I miss those good old days. They REALLY were good.

Well it's nice to have good memories, isn't it?

Silverfiddle said...

My mom called that stuff junk as well, and she would never buy it.

Unions have been specializing in killing the good that lays the golden eggs almost since their inception.

Ducky's here said...
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Anonymous said...
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FreeThinke said...


Comments unrelated to the material presented in each daily post will be summarily deleted, UNLESS I, myself, find them of potential value to others and particular interest to me, personally.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

I like that picture of the slice of bread. You always find the neatest things to illustrate your stuff. Your blog is one of the best looking I've ever seen. Where do you find all the great pictures? The pomes are intresting too.