Thursday, November 29, 2012

Nude Protesters Storm Speaker Boehner's Office

"Nudes Besieging the Speaker" by Marcel Duchamp?

Act Up is acting up again.

Should this be regarded as acceptable behavior in light of the First Amendment? How do you imagine the Founding Father's would have reacted to such an event? Lincoln? TR? Wilson? Coolidge? Hoover? FDR? Eisenhower? Reagan?

What does his say to you? Is it tragic? Is it comical? Is it inconsequential –– a mere exhibition of childish nonsense? Or, does it indicate advanced sociopathic behavior that threatens to bring society down around our ears?

And don't you love the hypocrisy of the media? They refuse to allow us to see precisely what poor John Boehner was subjected to, hence the electronically manipulated "cubistic" approach to imagery –– and the satirical reference to Marcel Duchamp in the caption for those of you in Rio Linda.

Apparently, we live in an era where the inmates have taken over the asylum, and guards couldn't be less concerned.

Does this bother you?

Nude Descending a Staircase
 by Marcel Duchamps (1912)

~ FreeThinke


  1. Good grief! It was cold here in D.C. yesterday!

    Well, the protesters' chant is amusing

    PS: I had to do a Google search to see if this story is real. Yep, the story is real.

    What madness our society has descended into!

  2. Coarse and vulgar. I always wonder if any of those people have fathers, the kind that made them puppet theaters? Nonetheless, they make my skin crawl, no matter what their issues are. Their message was lost in their medium.
    Can I home school my daughter through college, I wonder?


  3. Does this bother you?

    Does the great hurly-burly of life bother you?

  4. Some psychopaths look just like normal people. They sometimes act like normal first. You have no defense against these types. However some psychopaths like to dance and sing in the nude in public places, after they have tagged themselves. It is much easier to avoid these types. I prefer them. My time is very valuable and I greatly appreciate the extra effort they have made so that I can ostracize them sooner, rather than later.

  5. I think it's funny. I hope they didn't sit down anywhere.

    They should have published the unedited picture along with a caption of the full names and hometowns of all the participants

  6. Did you ever see names like Shahil Kapur and Fareed Zakaria on TV before 911? I never did. I'm sick of these dark looking foreign types taking over. Every since 911 they are being pushed to the top. Why?

    -------> Katharine Heartburn

  7. Agent provacateurs have found you, FT. Don't you love postings by faux conservatives pretending to be racists?

    It merely proves who the true racists are. "Progressives" in name only.

  8. As for the nudists, charge and arraign them.

  9. All that's going on in this world and we carry on about a few nudists.

    The guards are busy reading your e-mail, FT.

  10. As their punishment, they should be required to be dressed in giant condoms with the message "Responsibility Stops AIDS".

  11. Well, let's see, D.C. in the end of November, COLD, nudists........First thing that entered MY mind was, how about bringing back the stockades--OUTSIDE in the street, Pennsylvania Avenue maybe, the part that is closed to trafic anyway. They will NOT be repeat offenders!

  12. Very witty to use that famous cubist painting in relation to the naked protesters and the way the media distorts their pictures. Who else would have have thought of that? Very funny.

    Helen Highwater

  13. Is it Act up? Or Act Out? I get cornfused.

  14. It's UP, Therisites.

    You may remember when parents told their children "If you don't stop acting up this minute, you're going to get a spanking."

    Act up means to misbehave.

    And isn't that EXACTLY what demonstrators usually do?

    Long ago, I noted that DEMON was an integral part of demonstrator. Somehow, I doubt that's an accident. ;-)



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