Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Flash Mob at the Food Court Sings 



  1. This is an astonishingly good performance -- clear- bright -- steady -- well in tune -- obviously well-rehearsed, even though the "organ" used to accompany it sounds more like an electronic harmonica than any proper musical instrument.

    A cultural "eruption" of this sort -- in the middle of the Food Court in a Shopping Mall of all places! -- is a wonderful thing, if a bit startling.

    Though the background noise never did fully fade away the expression on the faces of the onlookers tells the real story.

    If you can't get the masses to go to church, or persuade them to listen to good music at home, in church or in a concert hall, you BRING GOOD MUSIC to the MASSES.

    Fantastic idea!

    I hope this speaks a trend that grows until it becomes overwhelming. I've already seen videotaped scenes from La Traviata erupt similarly in an old Portuguese indoor Marketplace, and the last movement of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony in the public square of a small city in northern Spain.

    The response from onlookers was enthusiastic in each case. Wretched vulgarity broadcast over loudspeakers does NOT have to predominate in the public square, thank God, but it must be fought -- with great demonstrations of courage, initiative and enthusiasm like this video.

  2. Handel is so good he can even overcome vulgarity. This is terrific, despite the unlikely setting.

    ----------> Katharine Heartburn

  3. Funny! This Happening had no trouble at all attracting an enthusiastic audience at a shopping mall, but no one, except you and me, bothered to listen to it here,Katharine.

    Discovering why that should be might be interesting, but I fear we'll never know.

    If it isn't involve gloom, doom, disaster, death and dire threat, it just doesn't "sell" in the blogosphere.

    And what does that say about about bloggers?

    Frankly I shudder to think.

    As a Christian I actually believe that every time we ignore or reject something of proven value, we crucify Jesus all over again.

    Extreme? Perhaps, but I do believe it.




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