Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Naturalized American Demonstrates Better Understanding of the American Constitution 
than Most Natural-Born Americans

Pinpoints "Societal Decay" as the primary reason for increased gun violence NOT the widespread availability of firearms, which were in fact far more readily available in former, less tumultuous times.


  1. " ... which were in fact far more readily available in former, less tumultuous times."

    Verification please. I'm calling bull.
    We have more firearms than residents.

    That was NEVER the case in America.

  2. Did you LISTEN to the VIDEO, Canardo?

    The guy knows a LOT more than YOU do.

    You are saturated with leftist propaganda -- "fact-filled" no doubt, but devoid of TRUTH.

  3. You can't outlaw "social decay," can you?

    How can politicians "appear" to be "doing something" if they can't pass a law?

    When the only tool in your toolbox is a hammer...

  4. ...every problem look like a nail.

  5. "Is there a cure for 'social decay'?"


    BTW, every culture since the time of Socrates believes it is living with "social decay."

    If you're looking only at the rot, everything looks rotten.

    Among the social improvements is the fact that our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters don't have to lie about who they are, and in due time, will be able to marry in every state--I think the southern states will take longer to join the rest of the country, but it will happen.

    Young people don't carry the hatreds and prejudices that the older generation does on that particular subject.

  6. Fudge packing is a social improvement?

    Who knew?

  7. btw - In the case of Socrates, it was all downhill for the Athenians after the Pelopponesian War...

  8. they became Macedonian serfs... then Roman slaves.

  9. ps - Socrates was a "symptom" NOT the "cure".

  10. Is there a cure for social decay?

    Yes, but first you have to admit to the causes.
    So many conservatives want to return to the good old days before the hippies and minorities and welfare spoiled everything.
    However, those were days when there existed a secure economic and social infrastructure that allowed forward looking planning and reasonable security.
    Now you have risk management and a bunch of Raygun conservatives who whine because they weren't able to play the game.

    So what to do, AOW. You want a return but you embrace a system which is absolutely detrimental to your vision?

    Here's your situation. Embrace the culture whose creation you have abetted and stop whining.
    Or undertake the process of shedding your political and economic misconceptions.

    You participated in the destruction of our immediate post war culture. You decided to implement a risk management life style and now you whine that you don't play that game very well.

    Wise up, that's how it will change.

  11. You forget Ducky, much of that economic security happened when there was still a ballanced budget . . . go figure.

    Those are the good old days I'd like to return to.

  12. Those were the "causes", ducky?

    Gee, now I don't feel so bad oppressing them.

  13. Maybe we just need more social improvements, like public masturbation...

  14. That's an interesting issue, isn't it Jack?

    The deficit "problem" became most extreme under Saint Ronnie Raygun who also did so much to dismantle the traditional family culture that AOW laments.

    Then we have the guns vs. butter argument that took place during the Vietnam war.

    Of course nothing did more to destroy cities than the "white flight" phenomenon but maybe that's for a different time.

    But here's the deal, where is the deficit spending going? Start answering that and we reach a much better understanding. Hint: It ain't going to you and AOW.

  15. No Farmer, as we deconstruct a social fabric that once allowed single worker self supporting families and find that places more strain on government social programs we should whine like a bunch of little Libertarian bitches.

  16. Yes, the Right was responsible for Women's Lib... and now the Left's whining about the loss of single worker families?

    Oh, it was "Reagan's" fault... lol!

    Where is the Life we have lost in living? Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?

    - T. S. Eliot

  17. La vie est plein
    La vie est court
    Un peu de haine
    Un peu d'amour
    Est puis -- la morte!

    ~ Ls Rochefoucauld

    That's the way it is, and there ain't no amount of whinin,' bitchin,' studyin,' learnin,' prayin.' or philsophizin' that's gonna make it any differnt.



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